The Words of the Klotz Family

UK National Messiah

Bruno Klotz
May 2007

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Almost exactly ten years ago my family arrived in the UK while myself arrived 3 months earlier. So as a family we had our 10th anniversary as National Messiahs in the UK just recently. This fact encouraged me to give a testimony about my course as NM so far.

When I arrived in the UK about 10 years ago I noticed that in our British movement there were capable people for basically everything. I saw that God did not send me to the UK because of external abilities. People around me were often much more capable than myself. But this did not depress me. It showed me that my mission was (is) rather an internal one. The way forward was to support the people who did activities. My way was to unite with them, to cooperate with them, to serve and to love them.

In the beginning I helped a lot with blessing activities. Later I focused on supporting the British movement to get True Parents into the UK. I called many organizations and individuals, including brothers and sisters, explained the situation and asked them to write a letter to the Home Office, requesting to allow True Parents to enter the country. This I did for quite some time.

I also used to give sermons in our churches in different locations. From the very beginning of my mission in the UK I tried to connect all brothers and sisters with Heung Jin Nim (HJN) and Jesus. I myself connected with them (Heung Jin Nim and Jesus) every day. Since about three years ago I have been sending words of Heung Jin Nim and Jesus to brothers and sisters by internet. Not only in the UK, but also abroad. I felt that helping brothers and sisters in other countries is living for the sake of others on an international level. I felt that this is very important, to not just be centered on "my own" nation. Later I started to write my own reflections related to words of Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus. These reflections are based on my own life experiences that I made over the years, and based on my own realizations.

Through emailing out these reflections in connection with words of True Family and Jesus, I try to empower brothers and sisters. Of course, not all of them get empowered this way, but at least some, as the feedback shows. With spiritually empowered brothers and sisters our movement can do more, can advance faster.

Recently I sent out my own kind of testimony regarding the "Importance of cooperation with HJN, Jesus and Dae Mo Nim (DMN)". I sent it to basically every brother and sister in the UK, but also to quite a few abroad. Those who have not received or seen it but would like to, please let me know, and I will send it offline. The reason why I am doing this is that I think that with the help of Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and Dae Mo Nim we can much faster break through, become victorious.

Often I can see God, Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and DMN guiding me, by whispering to my heart and giving me signs in various ways. That gives me confidence, even when things are difficult. Sometimes we wonder what the responsibility as NM entails.

Externally we are in many different situations. Some are in their country, some not. Some have some "official" position, like National Leader, some do not. But still there must be a common responsibility connected with our position as NM, a responsibility that goes beyond all our "official" positions and situations. The NM position to me seems more internal than all the other positions that we are used to. It is a more "invisible" position, so to speak.

I feel that the mission of the NM is to become like a parent for the nation, is to love and embrace the nation. And we have this mission, this responsibility, even if we have no "official" position, even while we are not in our country. I think that God works through our position, no matter how insignificant we look, no matter how "invisible" we are. What I mean is that because of our position we can have much greater impact on the future of our nation. This is really a big blessing. I think that our main responsibility, as parents of a nation, is to express heart and love to everyone in the nation, and even beyond. To uplift people by our heart and love.

This seems to be our mission, no matter if we have an "official" position or not. No matter if we are in our country or not.

God of course wants to express His heart through everyone, but I feel that more than through everyone, He wants to express His heart through the ones with the NM mission. He wants people to experience His heart through our heart.

God wants us to become real experts of heart and love. This, I think, is the gist of our mission. In this respect, I believe, God wants to see us ahead of everyone else in our nation.

Much love from Bruno 

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