The Words of the Klotz Family

True Parents' Entry Case Update

Bruno Klotz
September 2, 2006

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Let me please give you some update on True Parents' entry case, especially concerning Germany and The Netherlands.

Probably in October 2006 the German Federal Constitutional Court will deal with True Parents' case.

Let us pray that this court deals with the case in October and decides in favor of True Parents.

The government of The Netherlands has not yet responded to the recent positive decision of the court. The court has said that there is no reason to ban True Parents, but has not given an order to the government.

Therefore we are asking the court to this time give an order to the government, so that the government cannot just do nothing. This case will be on Sept. 13th.

Let us pray for a positive decision, and that the government will give green light for True Parents to enter the Netherlands.

And let us ask Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and DMN for support in both cases, the German and the Dutch case.

Much love from Bruno Klotz

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