The Words of the Klotz Family

Let Us Continue To Fight

Bruno Klotz
July 9, 2006

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Unfortunately Austria and Sweden have refused to give green light for our True Mother.

Instead of being discouraged, let us continue to fight.

Let us not stop praying, that the German government lifts the ban in time, so that the event in Germany can take place on July 14th.

Let us pray that the Dutch appeal court will decide in favor of True Mother, on July 13 th, so that the event in The Netherlands can take place on July 14th, in case Germany does not open up.

Let us pray for the other European nations that have not decided yet.

I suggest, as usual, to ask HJN, Jesus and DMN for their help in this urgent and important matter. As they told us, they cannot help if we do not ask.

They cannot do everything, but they can make a big difference, if we ask them.

Much love from Bruno

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