The Words of the Klotz Family

Let Us Continue To Fight For Europe

Bruno Klotz
June 30, 2006

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Unfortunately France did not follow Heaven's will this time. Green light was NOT given to TM.

But again -- A lost battle does not mean a lost war. Especially if we do not give up. Our French movement is now dealing with the European Court for Human Rights.

So far 2 nations have given green light for TM, thus resisting the German influence. Our hope is now especially for Austria and Holland to do the same.

And still Italy, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Sweden have not yet given green light. Apart from France.

But the most important goal is to move Germany to give up the ban. From that very moment TP can enter all the above mentioned nations. So green light from Germany would be the greatest victory we can imagine, in the context of the entry matter.

So let us continue to fight, and win this spiritual war!

Heung Jin Nim --

"Do not be discouraged, because the desired results have not been achieved yet. Practice what you have heard here. DO NOT TAKE THESE THINGS LIGHTLY. Use me, for I am here to help you. If you have called on me, but have not gotten an answer yet - KEEP TRYING. I will come, rest assured.
I love you all so much. Some of you are not sure if that is true, but please believe. That is all that is necessary. Then we will make the Kingdom of God a reality, and liberate both, God and our True Parents."

Jesus --

"You must keep praying. You must keep calling our help until the result comes. It is not in vain. Don't ever give up. Do not give up prayer and calling on us. It is not in vain. It gathers more and more spiritual weight every time you do it."

(Both quotes from "The victory of love")

Much love from Bruno

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