The Words of the Klotz Family

Victory For TP In Denmark

Bruno Klotz
June 20, 2006

From: FFWPU Albania
Subject: FW: Victory for TP in Denmark!!

My beloved brothers and sisters,

We received wonderful news:


Thank you for all your prayer support! Let us say thank you to Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and DMN!!

Let us pray for further victories!

Especially let us continue to pray that Germany lifts the ban on True Parents, before the world tour arrives in Europe (July 1st).

Let us pray that all the other European nations, which - because of the Schengen treaty are supposed to not let True Parents enter, will make an exception and let True Mother enter anyway, just as Denmark did.

These nations are: France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway.

The Netherlands made an exception for True Father last time. Nevertheless we have to fight to get an exception again.

And let us make sure that Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and DMN can take full action in this extremely important matter!! Let us not forget that we have to ask for their help and guidance constantly!


"You don't know how much of the spiritual world you can command because of Heung Jin Nim and our True Parents. All you have to do is ask and it will be given. All of the spiritual power you can possibly imagine (will be given)..." (Jesus in "The Victory of Love).

Surely True Parents' entry into Europe is not just important for Europe. It is definitely of utmost worldwide importance!

God bless you all!

Much love from your brother Bruno Klotz

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