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TP Entry Into Europe + Inspiration For The Week

Bruno Klotz
June 1, 2006

My beloved brothers and sisters,

I would like to offer you again the INSPIRATION FOR THE WEEK.

But first let me thank you for all your prayers regarding our court case in Belgium, concerning True Parents' entry.

Unfortunately the judge did NOT decide according the will of Heaven. But the fight goes on, and a lost battle is not a lost war!

Now True Mother is on her world tour, and she is supposed to arrive in Europe in the beginning of July. And it is not only Belgium, that blocks True Parents from entering.

It is first and foremost Germany that gives True Parents a hard time!

By Germany having put True Parents on the "Schengen list", also many other European nations, that are connected to the "Schengen agreement", cannot receive True Parents, unless they make an exception. We are applying for such exceptions!

So if Germany lifts the ban, then there is no problem for True Parents' entry into all those other European nations.

Therefore let us pray that Germany lifts the ban!

And let us pray that the other "Schengen nations", like France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium etc. will make an exception that means that they let True Mother enter anyway, no matter what Germany decides!

And please remember how important it is to constantly ask the help from Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and Dae Mo Nim! And let us empower them by our love and our prayers FOR THEM!!

And here now the INSPIRATION FOR THE WEEK, based on the profound words of HEUNG JIN NIM:

"The bright light of day is beginning to shine on this earth and that light will shine through each one of you. You are the champions of the new age. You are the ones to lead.
It doesn't matter how old the person is; still you will be his leader. Think of those in the physical world, maybe 80 years old. They think they can't follow you. But there are millions of spirits in the spirit world that are millions of years old, and they're ready to follow you. Don't think of the physical age of people. Don't think of those Ph.D.'s, whatever qualifications, millions of dollars they have, it doesn't matter. You will be in command.
Brothers and sisters, you are my brothers and sisters. I love you. I will love you for all eternity. I will never leave you. Jesus is the same, he will never leave you. True Parents will never leave you. Heavenly Father will never leave you. You have not experienced true life. That day is coming. Some of you are really beginning already. That's your goal. By the end of this workshop, I want all of you to pledge to me that you will experience true life and that you will be able to spread it to others.
Don't depend on T. Don't depend on other mediums. You must do it yourself. Otherwise you will have to keep coming back again and again. I want to send you out, never to come back until the world is restored.
Everywhere you go, you must create the Kingdom of Heaven just as our Father does. I will be with you. The whole spirit world will be with you. The Kingdom of Heaven is in you, and you must let it out."

Heung Jin Nim to the 40-day workshop at the World Mission Center, in "The victory of love", Pg. 167.

Acc to HJN light will shine on this earth more and more, and where does it come from? What kind of light is it anyway? It is the light of love, and it has to come from those who use their heart, who develop their heart by exercising and training it day by day, so that the light of their love can shine.

People of heart will lead the future world, not those with big money or whatever. In the future world only heart counts.

HJN at that time was so happy that some brothers and sisters started to experience true life. He asked all of them to pledge to work on this and to experience true life more and more and spread it to others.

HJN is asking the same thing today. He wants us to bring light into this dark world, but that does not mean just the truth, it means truth connected with true heart, true love. If we only TEACH the truth, then who will inspire people to LIVE the truth, means to embody TRUE LOVE? It has to be us, by using our heart and love and thus nurturing others not only with words, but - more important - with our embracing HEART! By our EXAMPLE! And if WE don't do it, we can hardly expect it from others. So WE have to be the pioneers of heart and love, of embodying love and living the word, of letting the Kingdom out. This is God's and True Parent's hope and desire for us. Otherwise how can the culture of heart come to cover the globe?

HJN asks us not to depend on others, but to be pioneers ourselves. If everyone just waits for the others, then in the end nothing happens. So HEUNG JIN NIM is hoping that we will take things into our hands, become OWNERS OF HEART AND LOVE. That we create the Kingdom everywhere we go, out of our own initiative, by our heart, just as True Father does. He even created the Kingdom in the hell of hells of Heung Nam death camp and in the hell of Danbury prison, simply everywhere, by his embracing heart. If we do the same or at least try our best in that direction, then - as HJN says - he and spirit world will fully support us.

HJN clearly knows about the beauty and value of our heart, so he wants us to use it fully for building the Kingdom, and not hide it somewhere inside. He wants us to let the Kingdom shine, out of our heart. He wants us to let our heart, our love shine, in every direction, UNCONDITIONALLY, just like a sun. So that wherever this light and warmth appears, life starts to grow and blossom, so that the (heartistically) dead can find new life, REBIRTH, through the power of our own heart and love.

HJN always emphasized how much he and Jesus are ready to help us with all this, if we only ask them for this help constantly. To practice this is crucial.

Please share your precious opinion and experiences reg. the above words of HJN!

God bless you all! Have a nice week!

Much love from Bruno Klotz

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