The Words of the Klotz Family

Court Case In Belgium, Etc.

Bruno Klotz

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Still urgent support is needed!!! The court case for True Father's entry into Belgium took place on March 3rd, however we have not received the decision yet. The objective is to get permission for True Father to enter Belgium, although Belgium is one of the "Schengen nations". If TF can enter Belgium, that could help to push Germany to lift the ban on TF. If that ban would be lifted, TF would be able to enter almost all of Europe. This surely is not only important for Europe, but for the whole worldwide providence. Please let us pray for the success of the court case!!! In particular let us pray that the judge, Madame Mangermont, decides in favor of True Father!!! Please, let us ask HJN, Jesus and DMN to take action with full power. Let us ask them with all our heart. Let us really challenge them, continuously!!! As soon as we receive the decision, I will let you know! Let us ask their help not only for the situation in Belgium, but also in all the other Schengen nations, especially in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. And let us also continue to ask them to work on TF's entry into Japan and Russia. Let us also ask them to support the important conference in Berlin on March 25th and 26th. This conference is very much related to the German entry ban on True Father. It was first scheduled for March 11th and 12th, but then delayed. Finally let me please suggest the following words of our beloved brother Jesus for inspiration and reflection: "So let us drive him out with the power of love. Let the sun rise now upon the earth. Go forth. Go forth, my brothers and my sisters. Bring in the flocks. Bring in the sheep and bring them to the throne of your True Parents. Bring them to the throne of our True Parents, the mighty throne of heaven. And I will place the Crown of Glory on our True Parents' head. I will lead them. I will show them that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and the King of Glory is our precious Lord Sun Myung Moon and his beloved bride Hak Ja Han. They reign as king and queen of the entire universe. And that I, Jesus of Nazareth, known as the Christ, bow in humility before them. I bow before them. Any who will follow me must do the same. I bow before the name of True Parents. I bow before our precious Lords, our True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han. These names are the sun and the moon. These names are the light of the world. These names are the liberation of mankind and of our Father in heaven. So take this power with you now, my brothers and sisters. It is given to you from Heaven. Yes, you have the light of the sun and the light of the moon, our Father, our Mother, to guide your pathway. Their Holy Word, their Holy Word, yes, my brothers and sisters, now is the time. I thank you in the name of our True Parents." From "The victory of love", Page 65, 66. Anyone wants to share something related to the above words of our brother Jesus? By the way: The new web site dedicated to HJN ( Username: Heungjinnim Password: welcome) is expanded by "Reflecting on God's word", where you can share with others how you understand the teachings of TP. And you can learn about their understanding.

Much love from your brother
Bruno Klotz, UK

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