The Words of the Kim Family Before 2008

The New Passover

Young Whi Kim
May 15, 1965
New Age Frontiers - June 15, 1965

The following letter dated May 15, 1965, was received from the Headquarters in Seoul, Korea, by the Centers in Washington, D.C, Eugene, Oregon, and Oakland, California. Following the instructions given, ceremonies were held in all three locations on the night of May 21, 1965.

Restoration of Providential Three Generations By the Sprinkling Service of Lamb's Blood

At the headquarters in Korea, the following were observed:

1, Church members abstained from fish and meat and sanctified themselves for three days from the afternoon of May 11 to 10 pm on May 14, 1965.

2. At 8 pm May 14, killed a 33-day-old ram for sacrifice and collected the blood in a basin.

3. At 10 pm May 14, all the blessed members of Seoul church gathered in worship hall and sprinkled the lamb's blood around the church building and its boundaries after brief worship service.

This blood sprinkling service is to indemnify the Passover of the Israelites at their exodus from Egypt after long sufferings, and to restore on world-wide scale the providential three generations of Noah's three sons, Jacob's 12 sons, and Moses, Joshua, Caleb and the 600,000 people of Israel that they led, As the children of Israel were delivered by the blood of the lamb from the destroyer and restored the birthright nationally, while the first born of Egypt were all smitten, so the children of Heaven which have been in the position of the second son so far, will be delivered from all the disaster to come and restore the birthright globally from the children of Satan, who were in the position of the first son, transferring all the sufferings to them.

This blood sprinkling service was originally to be done at all the houses of our members, but the service held at each headquarters will represent all those in the territory under the control of each headquarters.

For this service, each headquarters shall observe the following:

1. All the members who can be notified shall abstain from fish and meat, and sanctify themselves [through prayer] from the evening of May 21 to 10 pm on May 24, 1965 (three full days).

2, At 10 pm May 24, 1965, observe the sprinkling service of lamb's blood by dipping the cloth enclosed in this letter in the water of a basin and sprinkling it around the church building and its boundaries.

Sincerely yours,

Young Whi Kim

Significance Of Passover Ceremony

Gordon Ross
June 5, 1965
Washington, DC

God created the Garden of Eden for His joy. Because of the fall of man, His ideal has not been realized. The fall occurred when the children of God rebelled against God and committed treason. Since that time, the work of God has been the work of restoration. God is going to restore the original world.

During this restoration, there is a very complicated process -- the Principle of Restitution. Until man has paid the last penny, man cannot get out from it, Man must pay his debt. Since our ancestors committed the sin of treason, we can never atone for the original sin. No one can pay the debt. Therefore God set another law, the law of forgiveness or conditional restitution. All we have to do is to set the condition, which God will then recognize as absolute. Without the fulfillment of the condition, man cannot get out from bondage to sin.

Why can't God do the full work Himself? Since Satan exists, he is always in a position to accuse man. If God gave man 100% freedom, Satan would eternally accuse man of not earning his freedom, his lordship. Man must free himself from the accusation of Satan by paying indemnity.

Therefore the history of restoration has been the history of paying indemnity. Throughout the Biblical 6,000 years of history, our ancestors have paid much indemnity. Jesus came to pay total indemnity by a living sacrifice of sweat, blood, and tears, Actually, the shedding of blood is necessary, The impure blood must be shed. That is why, during the Old Testament era, the rite of circumcision was instituted, All men should shed all of their blood, but this is impossible. Therefore God asked Abraham and his descendants to set the condition by means of circumcision.

Christianity has never known the true meaning of circumcision. God has been using the sacrifice to do this. At Passover, God smote the firstborn of all creatures in Egypt, the eider-born is of Satan. By smiting the elder-born, God set a condition for the destruction of Satan's power. Moses foreshadowed Jesus' dispensation. The Israelites were protected by the blood of the lamb -- again, a condition of restitution -- the blood of a lamb was used instead of the blood of the Israelites.

After the coming of Jesus Christ, the Jewish people were no longer Israel, and Second Israel was born, Christianity has been under the protection of Jesus blood which, however, gave only spiritual salvation. Holy Communion is symbolic of participation in this event, This was a new form of Passover.

We today are now the Third Israel, We are those who come under the protection of the body and blood of the Divine Principle, God's new dispensation is working through the Third Israel. This time we have the Divine Principle, whose body, blood, sweat and labor have been our protection, which our living Father has given to us. Eternal life is given no longer after death, but by attending him.

Satan has been after us for 6,000 years. Our Leader literally shed his blood for us. (In a communist prison, he was tossed out as dead for three days, but he revived, got up, and even preached a sermon!) We are united in heart by this one condition he made. By our being united in this way, Satan has no claim over us.

This time, in order to make the Third Israel Passover, God has ordered us to make a symbolic offering of a lamb, which was done last May 15th at the headquarters in Korea. On May 24th, the universal Family observed the day as a remembrance of the Passover for the Third Israel, in order to make a condition. Everyone wants to be one with our Leader, but no one is qualified. Such a one must know the past, present and future life of our Leader.

We are ignorant of him. We may never know him, because we have no way to do so, because he has paid in these 40 years such incredible indemnity. Now our Leader wanted to put an end to paying indemnity. This ceremony makes the last condition of paying indemnity. Our Leader wants us to share by this ceremony all the indemnity he has paid in the past.

In front of us we had a container which held the blood of a lamb shed in Korea, This little lamb died for you and me. By the shedding of its blood, God wanted to finish all payment of indemnity as a last phase, The little cloth was wet by the blood of the lamb in Korea on May 15th. We put it into three cups of water and made the water into a symbolic form of blood, just as in Holy Communion. We must feel deeply as if our physical blood is drained out and replaced by new.

Our Leader prayed, performed a brief ceremony, and then sprinkled the water around the house in order to dedicate it as a temple of God. Israel's exodus was a symbol of Jesus' dispensation (from Satan to God, from Egypt to Canaan). Jesus' dispensation was symbolic of the Third Israel dispensation. After the Passover, the Israelites took the offensive position, left Egypt and marched into Canaan, Today, we are marking a change from the defensive to the offensive.

So far, the Heavenly Family has been paying indemnity; now the Satanic family will pay. Israel's family was divided into 12 tribes after entering Canaan. Today we are physically establishing missions in 12 different nations.

This signifies the universal realization in physical form. Is our suffering over? No! We must go further in suffering. But the significance of the suffering is different. From this time on, since the debt has been paid, whatever we do suffer and accomplish now is counted as a direct attack, as live ammunition against the Satanic world. The more we work, the more visible results will come forth. 

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