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by Reverends Kiely

Me, My Younger Sister, and Our Cain & Abel Relationship

by Yung Kwang Kiely
November 1998

All my life my parents have raised their children centering on True Parents, Divine Principle, and the high heavenly standard and morals that they live by. Although it might surprise them a little bit to hear this, for a very large portion of my life I have struggled with this. The only thing that kept me going is the continuous flow of love that I receive from them as well as my absolute, unchanging, and unconditional love that I feel for them and for my sisters.

It may surprise my older sister Inmay to hear this but when I was about the age of eleven or twelve what I wanted most in life was to be accepted by her and her friends. Anyway, now that I think back on it, I am not as shocked and hurt as I was back then to hear that my presence was not appreciated. I mean, at that age, who wants their little kid brother tagging along anyway? Eventually, however, my little sister Kotun, on arrival of that age and stage in life, wanted the same except with me, and I like to think to myself that I was different. Instead of pushing her away and ignoring her like most older brothers and sisters do, what I did was accept her, and therefore she was introduced into my little mischievous world of dirty snails and puppy dog tails.

We were quite a team. We got ourselves into some of the most difficult situations, situations having to deal with things I hope none of you ever have to deal with, but what got us through them was team work as well as unity. I think in a lot of ways we grew from each other, from me telling her what was right and wrong, even though sometimes my concepts were a little bit distorted, and from her giving me her two cents.

One very small example of the team work we had, as well as an example of her love for me, was when we were a lot younger and my mom, on occasion, used to cook us liver for dinner. Now I hated liver. Couldn't stand it. Couldn't eat it. It just wouldn't go down. My parents used to really emphasize the idea of being grateful for what we had. So I was stuck at the table until the food on my plate was gone. Well, boy, did I have a dilemma, but my sister took care of that. I used to pass the pieces of liver under the table to her without my parents knowing, and she, being the loving sister that she was, ate the meat without complaint. Now that's just a small example of how we worked. I would describe more but I don't want to put any ideas into peoples minds, so we'll leave it at that.

I used to have a very difficult time relating to those two cents that she put in. Kotun was almost always right, but the fact that she was younger than me turned me off to her suggestions and words of advice completely. When she would emphasize that she was right, I couldn't stand it and it would often lead to a fight. However, she would never back down because I never did either, and she saw that. Even on one occasion, against about fourteen kids, she was right in there defending her older brother. On another occasion an employee of a shop had grabbed me, accusing me of shoplifting and wouldn't let me go. She did the one thing that she felt was right, and boy she saved me from a whole lot of trouble. She kicked him and I don't even think that to this day that man believed what hit him. He was probably thinking to himself, "Was it that girl that just kicked me?" What he didn't realize was that the true power of love can make a little girl's kick feel like a full sized battering ram. Anyway what I didn't realize at that time was that this relationship that we had was in fact a Cain and Abel relationship. This little girl was in fact my Abel and if I would have just listened to her then I would have saved her and myself a whole lot of trouble, because even though sometimes what we did was wrong and she knew that, she would never abandon me.

Now a days, I go to her for advice, and even though she sometimes gives it without it being asked for, I listen to her. It is difficult sometimes, in fact even a lot of times, but she is so right so much of the time that it would be foolish for me not to listen to her. If Cain had listened to Abel it would have made such a tremendous difference in history; a difference that would have possibly brought restoration to this world thousands of years ago.

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