The Words of the Kaunda Family

Introducing the Reverend Sun Myung Moon at the Opening Banquet

H.E. Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda

The following remarks were made at the Evening Banquet on February 10, 2000, Seoul Korea.

The Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon Your Excellencies, Invited guests, Ladies and gentlemen.

It is not every day that one gets the privilege to introduce such an exceptional person. And I take this privilege tonight with some pride.

It is said that the world is a huge stage - and life is a great drama. Every day lives are born on this great stage - and usually they go unnoticed. Once in a long time an extra-ordinary person appears on the stage. The Reverend Moon is such an extra-ordinary life.

I have known the Reverend Moon since 1983. A short time when viewed against his life’s work. But it does not take that long to appreciate the tremendous impact he has made upon the world, even to the smallest corner of it.

Reverend Moon has dedicated a lifetime to a message. He has done this against great odds. The greatest of the world powers have opposed him

But the message has continued, because it is a message that is anointed. It is a message that echoes deep in the human psyche. It is a message about the most basic unit of human life – the family.

It tells the world the truth about our nature and what we must do if we are to have true peace in the family, in the community and between nations.

The Reverend Moon has dedicated his life to give practical expression to this message. It remains consistent today and it remains as relevant as ever.

At this opening banquet we remember that Reverend Moon is 80 years today. We wish him many more happy returns. And thank God for giving him to the human race and to the world.

But we here gathered are not the only ones to celebrate his extra-ordinary life. Reverend Moon has touched many lives.

He has touched the lives of the poor. He has advanced the arts, sports, physical sciences, social services and above all peace in the world.

We thank him for his efforts to reunify Korea his homeland and pray that God will strengthen his hand in this effort.

We remember also that Mrs. Moon shares the same birthday as Reverend Moon. We wish her a long life and take comfort in the knowledge that she will always be next to Reverend Moon as he continues his life’s work.

They are a magnificent gift from God to each other and to humanity. They are a valuable example to us all.

We are all privileged tonight to listen to Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon is a teacher.

But not an ordinary teacher.

Reverend Moon is a messenger.

But not an ordinary messenger.

The truth is that the Reverend Moon is a PROPHET of our time

The Reverend Moon! 

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