The Words of the Jungman Family

True Parents European Visits

Raphaela Jungman
May 19, 2001

Whenever Father came to Europe, the predominant atmosphere was Fear. The leaders and the members would be terrified lest they may do the wrong thing, like, bow or handle or hand-in or serve or speak Wrongly.

My children, for example - once, when small, tried to go to a bathroom they knew well as Public at the Paris center, only to be barked at by some terror stricken brother or sister, because that bathroom was apparently designated for Royalty only that day. That TP's visit did not register with my children as Joyful, and they will always remember it with dread.

Father and Mother hardly ever smiled and were never Personal with members. They were always stern and forbidding and distant. The preaching was not much to do with love but with obedience and sinfulness. Love was a word used in a most abstractly theoretical way. It was not Demonstrated. I was always happy to see TP whenever I could. But I think the Love we members talked about and deeply cherished was mostly in our eyes as Beholders.

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