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Regional Sunday Service and Meeting with Rev. and Mrs. Dante S. Negre

Jun Jumawan
April 23, 2013

TO: All Blessed Families, Brothers And Sisters-Mie-ken
DA: April 23, 2013
Subj.: Regional Sunday Service and Meeting with Rev. and Mrs. Dante S. Negre

Dear registered citizens of CIG Blessed Families, Brothers and Sisters, May the blessings and love of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents be with you and your families!

This coming Sunday, April 28, 2013 will be a regional and Sunday Service and Meeting with our National FFWPU-Philippines in Japan, Rev. and Mrs. Dante S. Negre. He will also be sharing with us some fresh updates of the recent Phil. HQ Inauguration in the Philippines and other very important guidance from our CD.

Our venue will be at Suzuka Youth Center, room 3, 4 and 5. The Time of the service will be from 2-5 PM. Kawage Home Group of families will be the sponsor. Gathering time is 1:30 PM.

We are also inviting all the wives for a Regional meeting with Mrs. Yukari Negre in the Morning from 9:30 AM until 12:00 noon at Suzuka Youth Center room no. 5.

Your presence and attendance is highly appreciated.

Have a bless weekend to all!


Jun/Junko Jumawan and Family
Regional Minister

Note: Please be reminded of the following schedules:

1. May 4, 2013 (Saturday)…our National Envoy for Philippines, Rev. Julius Malicdem will be a 1 Day meeting for all couples, and brothers and Sisters. Time schedules will be from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Venue will be at Suzuka Youth Center. Rev. Julius Malicdem will be sharing to us a very important directions of the providence concerning 2020 project and the details of the ongoing activities in the Philippines. Details of the itinerary will be announce later. Please don't miss the opportunity to attend our national leader's coming.

2. May 4-6, 2013 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)…..Regional 2nd Generation Seminar in Mie-ken. Our Top Head of 2nd generations in Japan church HQs, Mr. Emai will be the main lecturer. This is specially organized by our group. Partial updates of the schedules will be the following;…May 4,2013 1 pm, his arrival and general orientation of the participants. On same day, 7 -9:00 PM,…He will be meeting all the parents of 14 and above 2nd generations for Blessing guidance preparations and Open Forum. May 5 and 6 will be the seminar proper. Details of the program and Registrations will be announce later. Venue will be at Suzuka Youth Center. This is a very rear opportunity that we can top the head of the 2nd gen. in Japan HQs so please don'st miss to send your children to this seminar. Age is from Junior High School and High School level. Emai sensei is also 2nd Gen. Blessed. He can also speak English.

3. May 12, 2013….Regional Sunday Service with Rev. Park. Rev. Park will be preparing for a very special material guidance for all Blessed families. I am encouraging everyone not to miss also on his gathering. Venue will be at Shiroko Community Center 

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