The Words of the Jumawan Family

Regional Sunday Service with Rev. Yong Tae Park and 2nd Generation Class

Jun Jumawan
December 6, 2012

TO: All Blessed Families, Brothers and Sisters
RE: Regional Sunday Service with Rev. Park and 2nd Generation Class
DA: December 6, 2012

Dear Leaders, Blessed Families and Brothers and Sisters(Osaka, Nagoya and Mie-ken):

Warm Greetings!

Thank you so much for all of your active participation in the past weekend attending our guest, Kuya Edgar Tanate and for those who attend in Rev. Sudo's lecture.

This coming Sunday, December 9, 2012 will be our Regional Sunday Service with Rev. Yong Tae Park. The venue and time is in Suzuka Youth Center, room 5, 4 and 3 at 2-5 PM. Gathering time is 1:30 PM sharp. Sakurajima Home Group of Families will be the sponsoring group.

Please consider to arrange your schedule to attend our speaker. I am encouraging per family to give at least ¥1,000 as our service donation for our speaker.

We only have 25 days before this year will end and a remaining 78 days preparations for the coming D-day Blessing preparations. God`s hope is for everyone without exemption is to receive the final stage Blessing in our lives. Let us show our desperate spirit in receiving that eternal blessing.

*Note: Great News send to us from our National Leader thru his Cellfon;… Dear Leaders, We received a very great news from Hwejangnim, this am Peter Kim read Dr. Yong's report and letter to True Mother abt our January providence and our invitation. True Mother was so moved and declared that SHE WILL DEFINITELY COME to the Phils! And True Mother even mentioned that Hyung JIn Nim couple wl also come! Eog mansei! Let's work harder and offer more Jeong Seong. Thank you very much….Julius M.

*Christmas Party for 2nd Generation will be on December 16 from 1-5 PM at Shokugyo Kunren Center, 2nd floor. The details on preparations will be announce later.

Thank you for your full support and cooperation. Have a Bless week to everyone! I`m looking forward to see your families and have a perfect attendance on Sunday.

Respectfully yours,

Jun/Junko Jumawan
RM, PUCM-J, Central Region 

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