The Words of the Jumawan Family

Sunday Service/Second Generation Class

Jun Jumawan
September 26, 2012

TO: All Blessed Families and Brothers And Sisters
Subj.: Sunday Service/Second Generation Class
Da: September 26, 2012

Dear Central Blessed Families,

Thank you for your love, prayers and devotion for True Parents, especially over these last several weeks leading up to the victorious Seonghwa of True Father. Our Sunday Service and 2nd Generation class this coming September 30, 2012 at 2-5 PM will be held in Shiroko Community Center.

Sakurajima Home Group of Families will be the sponsors. Please take note of the gathering time is 1:30 PM. For the month of October, Ya-Suzuka Home Group of Families will be Sponsors.



We have few days more left before the culmination of receiving the final blessing on the D-day. During this preparation, Satan is watching taking every inch to come advantage of our weakness. Be guarded as central person. This is a real battle now on how we can proclaim and testify the Messiah. The tribulation of the last days is among us central Blessed families, not from outside people.

I feel that there are many divisive movements and self-centered spirits still active who want to divide the True Parent movement. Among these evil spirits are those who claim to have the words of God, or Heavenly Father, or Heavenly Mother, but these words have not been coming from the central core of the True Parent Movement. Be advised that the origin of these 'words' have not been anointed by God, and have just come about claiming this or that. They are also very accusatory to some degree. People who think they want to divide us from the True Family Movement use some words of True Father, and then manipulate us to think they have more important words. That is what the government does when they lobby their agenda. They speak some true words, and then manipulate the voters into voting for the false ideas and ways that are hidden within. Beware.

I sincerely suggest that you, those of good conscience, follow our True Parents Movement, and True Mother who is with us today. We should be studying the words of God which are contained in the Textbooks and Teaching materials of True Father. Father has given us that homework over and over. Do not listen to people who claim to be receiving revelations from heaven. If they were real, then True Father (Sun Myung Moon) and True Mother (Hak Ja Han) will let us know.

Jesus and Sun Myung are the only people who have been anointed by God to pass on His words for us to study and to build the kingdom of heaven on earth. No one else has been anointed. NOT anyone else. They may say some good things, but their focus is to divide people of good conscience away from the True Parent Movement lead by True Parents of Heaven and Earth and of All Humankind for the sake of their own interest.

United we will win, and those who want to divide us will fall. God's truth will prevail, and Satan's self-centered ways will fail.

There is only one True Father and one True Mother, and they are substantiations of the one Heavenly Father and the one Heavenly Mother. No one else. Please just keep protecting our own families by continuously doing our Hoon Dok Hae and prayer. God will lead us into the right path. See you and your family on Sunday! Sincerely,

Jun/Junko Jumawan and Family
Regional Minister

Noted By;

Dante S. Negre

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