The Words of the Jumawan Family

Follow-up and Reminders for Tomorrow - JAPINO Children's Day

Jun Jumawan
May 19, 2012

To: All Brothers and Sisters
Subject: Follow-up and Reminders for Tomorrow

Dear Blessed Families,

Warm Greetings!

Please be reminded of our activity tomorrow. The gathering time is 9 am…The program will start at exactly 10:00. We have a guest speaker from City Hall formerly an assistant Principal in Makita Elementary School presently on Board of Education. Together with his wife who is also a teacher will come as early as 9:30 am. We should not be late comers because we are model blessed families to outsiders. This is one of the best way to witness to outside people that we are principled people. Your cooperation and best participation is highly needed. Please also don`t forget to bring rice to anticipate lacking of foods for our guests, onegaishimasu!

Please take note of the following programs; JAPINO (Japanese-Filipino) Children's Day May 20, 2012

Venue: Shokugyo Kunren Center

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Program of Activities:

Master of Ceremony: Bro. Jess Mariano / Sis. Arlene Lopez

9:00 A.M. -- Preparation and Registration

10:00 -- Community Singing

10:15 -- Ecumenical Prayer - Tell the World of His Love

10:30 -- Welcome Address … Bro. Joey Andaya (UFPA President)

10:35 -- Acknowledgment (families, guests, and visitors)

10:40 -- Inspirational Talk: Mr. Izuchi Itsumori

10:45 -- Surprise Number: Martial arts show down

10:50 -- Games Games Games

11:15 -- Slide Show: Philippine Situation Cultures and Practices c/o Bro. Francis

11:30 -- Surprise Number

11:45 -- Preparation for lunch

12:00 -- Agape Lunch

*Prayer in-charge: Roy Carumba

1:00 P.M. -- Free Market (optional)

1:30 -- 2nd Part of the Program

- Kappa Malong Dance

1:35 -- JAPINO song with choreography 1:40 -- Mamang Sorbetero

1:45 -- Surprise number 1:50 -- GAMES GAMES GAMES

2:30 -- Puppet Show: Dacuycuy went to Japan

2:35 -- A Message from the SKFC Coordinator – Bro. Daniel Padilla Jr.

2:40 -- Congratulatory Message (guest speaker)

2:45 -- 3rd Part of the Program: Mini Concert – The Sun Band

4:00 -- Restoration (let's clean!!!)

Prepared by: Rosanna Ranque-Padilla
SKFC Secretary

Working Committees:

Program: Jun, Daniel, Rosanna, Joey and Apoll Games and Prizes: Arlene, Ross and Sherill Liturgy: Rosanna, Daniel and Joey

Foods: Jet, Tita Pearl, Ate Cherry and UFPA wives

Registration: Sherill, Arlene, Apple Grace, Princess and Christine

Transportation Mobile: Roy C. and company

Physical Arrangement: Rose Miyakawa and Trainees

Music and sound operator: Nestor and company

Invitation: Arlene, Joey and Daniel

See your families tomorrow!

Jun/Junko and Family
Regional Leader 

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