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JAPINO (Japanese-Filipino Children's Day)

Jun Jumawan
May 15, 2012

To: All Central Blessed Families, Brothers and Sisters
Subject: JAPINO (Japanese-Pilipino Children's Day)
Da: May 20, 2012, Sunday

Dear Blessed Families, Brothers and Sisters,

May God and True Parents' love and blessings be upon you and your family in the Era of the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind!

We don't have Sunday Service and 2nd generation class this coming Sunday, May 20, 2012 but we will be having an activity for the children. I encourage everybody to participate on this activity. The venue is Sokugyo Kunren Center. The time is from 9 am until 4 pm. This is called JAPINO (means Japanese-Pilipino Day). It is intended for the children of Filipino and Japanese parents regardless of belief. Our purpose of joining this activity is for our children to widen their understanding internationally and friendship to others. It is a combine activity between the Catholic and our group.

It is also our continue way of building foundation for witnessing. So please reserve you day for this event. The program of the event are stated below. Please be guided accordingly. In the midst of the event between 12:30-1:30 pm, after the lunch there will be a FLEA Market especially to the children. I think it is also a chance for our children to experience selling. Please bring anything you want to sell during the allotted time. Please inform me or your group leader ASAP (as soon as possible) if you want to join the plea market. I need your response not later than Thursday evening. Thank you. Please also bring your best menu including rice, drinks and paper or plastic utensils for the lunch.

I am expecting your 100% participation and cooperation. Program of Activities:

Master of Ceremony: Bro. Jess Mariano/ Sis. Arlene Lopez

9:00 A.M. – Preparation and Registration

10:00 -- Community Singing

10:15 -- Ecumenical Prayer -- Shine Jesus Shine

10:30 -- Welcome Address … Bro. Joey Andaya (UFPA President)

10:35 -- Acknowledgment (families, guests, and visitors)

10:40 -- Inspirational Talk

10:45 -- Song solo -Yuki Furukawa

10:50 -- Games Games Games

11:15 -- Slide Show: Philippine Situation Cultures and Practices c/o Bro. Francis

11:30 -- Surprise Number and TIMD

11:45 -- Preparation for lunch

12:00 -- AGAPE LUNCH

*Prayer in-charge: Roy Carumba

1:00 P.M. -- Free Market

1:30 -- 2nd Part of the Program

- Kappa Malong Dance

1:35 -- Surprise Number

1:40 -- JAPINO SONG with choreography

1:45 -- modern dance (hip-hop)

1:50 -- Games Games Games

2:30 -- Puppet Show: Dacuycuy went to Japan

2:35 -- A Message from the SKFC Coordinator – Bro. Daniel Padilla Jr.

2:40 -- Congratulatory Message (guest speaker)

2:45 -- 3rd Part of the Program: MINI CONCERT – THE SUN BAND

4:00 -- Restoration (let's clean!!!)

Working Committees:

Program: Jun, Daniel, Rosanna, Joey and Apoll Games and Prizes: Arlene, Ross and Sherill Liturgy: Rosanna, Daniel and Joey Foods: Jet, Tita Pearl, Ate Cherry and UFPA wives

Registration: Sherill, Arlene, Apple Grace, Princess and Christine

Transportation Mobile: Roy C. and company Physical

Arrangement: Rose Miyakawa and Trainees Music and sound operator: Nestor and company

Invitation: Arlene, Joey and Daniel

See you there! Onegaishimasu!!!


Jun/Junko Jumawan and Family
PUCM-J, Central Region
Regional Leader 

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