The Words of the Jumawan Family

General Meeting and God's Day Celebration

Jun Jumawan
January 25, 2012

Dear Blessed Families,

Belated Happy God`s Day and the Day Of The Victory Of Love! Our motto for this year 2012

Tentative English version:

Era of the Complete Victorious Liberation of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

The official English version of the motto will be announced soon.

I am encouraging all Blessed Families(Husband and Wife and Children) in our Region to attend our 1st General Meeting for this year 2012 and God's celebration. The Venue is at the Suzuka Youth center from 1:00 until 5:00 PM, January 29, 2012, the Big Hall area where we conducted the ODP seminar. I am encouraging everyone to please bring your snacks contributions(in-kind) for our simple party because the place is not allowed for food eating. The main agenda and events for the gathering are as follows;

1. We will watch some portion of the Midnight Prayer, God's Day and Day Of the Victory Of Love through the videos taken.

2. Discuss on how to accomplish the Direction of Dr. Yong for the 2nd Generation issue.

3. Explain clearly the function of our existing organization and their functions and connections, especially to the wives.

4. Our Target goal to accomplish for this year 2012.

5. Announcement Of New Assigned Leader(s)

6. Other important and relevant matters.

7. Cutting of Celebration Cake and Snacks

I am encouraging the members from Nagoya, Osaka, Siga and other neighboring places in our region to please arrange your time to attend in this gathering for the future of our next 2nd Generations. Your absence will be the lost of their future too.

I am looking forward on your active participation to make wonderful history on this very important era of the providence.

Sincerely, IMN

Bro. Jun and Junko Jumawan and Family
Regional Leader, PUCMJ-CR 

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