The Words of the Jumawan Family

Seung Hwa Ceremony of Shin Ian Lloyd M. Jumawan

Jun Jumawan
April 30. 2006
Mie-ken, Japan

A million of thanks are not enough to express our gratitude to Rev. Park, Rev. & Mrs. Funami, Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Mariano, all Commando Blessed Central Families throughout Japan (and Philippines) especially Mie-ken members, relatives and friends who shared their wholehearted support in times of our sadness and difficulties through voluntary assistance, prayers and monetary contributions.

A Testimony About Our Son Who Just Passed Away

My name is Jun Jumawan and wife is Junko Matsumoto. We belong to the 30,000 couples blessing. We live now in Japan having a mission as commando for Philippine providence. We have two sons. But the second son had just passed away. His name is Shin Ian Lloyd M. Jumawan, which means truth, blessing from God and joy.

He was born on December 27, 2004. He died April 27, 2006 just exactly 16 months old. His Seung Hwa ceremony was held on April 30, 2006 at the Sakurajima Danchi multi-purpose Hall, Suzuka city, Mie-ken, Japan.

Three months prior to his birth, we were already informed by the doctors that his kidney on right side portion was a problem and is not functioning. And beside he is also a Down syndrome child. At that time, we did our best to support him by making some conditions even going to Chung Pyung. Indeed he was born healthy although he was very small. The kidney problem is not affecting to his health though it is not functioning. He did his best to quickly grow and eat a lot. He is actually fun of eating. That's why compared to other down child his growth is ahead of them. But since he was a Down syndrome child, his body is very sensitive to any sickness because his immune system is not so strong.

Two months after he was born, our family has been in a great turmoil and struggles because we cannot just easily accept the negative rumors we heard by some of our families who could not easily understand the situation of Shin-chang. But we had overcome all those trials, swallowed our pride and provide good an environment for him.

I and my wife promised each other to take care of him despite of his personality because we know clearly that he is not just our own child. He is our True Parents child as a second generation. Aside from that, we also knew that though he has those physical limitations yet he is very healthy spiritually. We've noticed also that as the days passed by his character has been quickly developed. He was very warm and kind. He has his own way of giving joy to us.

From the time he was born until he died, he always taught us many things and always comforted us through his cute smile. When we as couple are sometimes fighting each other, he always came to us touching either our head or face and gave his smile so that our anger will easily be melted. When I came from job, my stress and tiredness were relieved because he always wanted to come to me waving his body showing his very warm smile and hugging. He was very cute as my wife always told me. There were lots of unforgettable sweet memories he planted into our hearts.

Furthermore, though he was a down-child his mind is not affected also. He was wise and very sensitive especially he has a spirit of not giving up even if he suffered. We could clearly testify his fighting spirit when he was admitted to the hospital.

The cause of his illness was un-expected. The doctor said that suddenly he received a very strong wills that causes his lung infections. Of course he always encountered cough and running nose since he was born but since my wife had always brought him to the hospital then immediately he can recover. But at that time when he receives that wills his lung became weak enough to fight it back.

On April 9, 2006 few days right after our (sakura) flower party, he started unusual coughing and continuous running nose. During nighttime his breathing also became unusual that's why in the following day my wife immediately brought him to the clinic. That was April 13, Thursday and our usual family clinic was in day off so he brought him to another clinic. The doctor diagnoses him ok. But since my wife felt that the prescribed medicine was not working that's why on the following day she brought him again to his usual family doctor, that was Friday April 14, but the doctor noticed that he loses his oxygen percentage due to his lung infection and he was rushed immediately to the General Hospital by the ambulance. The doctor applied mechanical therapy treatment and the usual medicine for 6 days yet it didn't work.

On April 19, 2006 his oxygen in the body became insufficient enough to breath that's why the doctor decided to put him in the ICU and use a special machine to assist his breathing. At that time he fight for his life because his body could not adjust the machine and doctor told us he might soon die. Anyway the doctors did their best to recover his life for 4 hours and he survived.

Since that time until he died he remained unconscious because the doctors gave him sleeping injection and anesthesia. He remained on that situation facing life and death struggles for 9 days. There were 7 doctors take turn doing their best to treat him. They gave him the best treatment yet at the end his body could no longer recover. During that pick difficult situations for him, we can really testify how he was strong spiritually and determined to fight for his life.

On Sunday April 21, the doctor again said for the second time that he might die; even Rev. Park when he visited has already prayed offering his life to God. But again he survived and gave sign to the doctors that he wanted to live. The doctors and nurses were very amazed and was move to the kind of spirit he showed. The head doctor said to us that the child situation was already a very difficult situation to treat yet he said that he cannot also decide to give up because Shin-chang's heart, blood pressure and the data shows that he wants to live.

The doctors keep trying their best to provide him the best medicine. They used the serfactant therapy for his lungs, which is a very expensive medicine and is not covered by insurance either because only few people want to use this kind of treatment. But this was the only chance to treat him. On that day after he received it, on the following hours, he again faced his death that the doctors again declared for his early death. That was on Monday night, April 24, 2006. We even offered him to God at that time.

Actually, the doctors could not anymore believe he could again recover because, his body was already chilling, and his colon also was not properly working. He was really very pitiful because his legs and hands were full of lines for his life support. But in the next morning he again survive and was very relax. The doctors again continued to make research on how to quickly make him recover. Until that day there was not even a single night or day that we were shaken and frightened waiting what will happened to our child.

For two days from April 25 until 27 in the morning, he maintained that very good status of recovery that's why we also became relax and hopeful. But on the 27th afternoon, he's situation suddenly became endangered again. The oxygen and heartbeat suddenly lowered. Probably he just waited when will be the right time that our mind and our hearts could be ready. So we didn't expect he would leave us on that day. He died at 6:10 pm. Although Shin-chang has been trying his best to keep his life but his small and young body could no longer survive.

During the farewell ceremony inside the ICU room where his dead body lied, the head doctor joined the prayer. The doctor then testified that Shin-chang had an extra-ordinary spirit. He told us that this child became a very special for them that they could not forget him in that hospital and he will always be remembered forever. Other doctors attending him directly had also cried. So we realized that even if Shin-chang could not talk yet he has that special power to win the hearts of other people.

But another most important accomplishment that Shin-chang did to our family was that he open the way of my wife' parents and relatives to understand the Unification Movement. Since we started our family until his death we could not just easily talk boldly our church and traditions to them because they were very negative. We keep on hiding our real life to them and waiting when will be the right time to tell them the truth. But when Shin-chang died, we were force to tell them the truth and traditions. From the moment we told them until they came, they were really struggling and talking negative words against our movement. But my wife was also insisting and crying that we want to provide Shin-chang a very good preparation to the spiritual world and only the unification church can do that that's why they then gave up.

Hence, during the ceremony until the end, our brothers and sisters showed the spirit of unity, kindness, sympathy and support, that's why after my in-laws, went back to their home, and they called and told us that the ceremony was very good. My father in-law also was move and touches by the speech of Rev. Park especially the point that Shin-chang died because of the mistakes of our ancestors. We still don't know if they completely change or not but the good things is that they could no longer say anything bad about our church. Now, we also have the courage and determination to present to them gradually our traditions and belief.

All of this happened because of Shin-chang, offering his life in order to tell the truth to us, our relatives and even to other people. He was very young yet he is a very precious child to us.

Any other significant reasons why he died in this providential month of April is also a very important point to reflect upon. I believe Heavenly Father also has a very important reason for this. We just hope we can do our best to quickly help him to nurture his spiritual life in the spiritual world so he can help the mobilization for the restoration of our nation to support our True Parents.

Once again, thank you so much for all of your support brothers and sisters.

Jumawan Family

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