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Bring Back the Annual Unificationist Youth Banquet!

Nancy Jubb
March 24, 2100

The Ballroom set-up for CARP America's Winter Ball.

It always saddened me that the Annual Unificationist Youth Banquet stopped happening. It was such a great event that celebrated the youth community. Well, after seeing the Lovin' Life Ministries in the U.S. organize some similar events, I decided that we should try and bring it back. Below is a survey that is being distributed. I hope to gather some data from this survey to help us figure out a budget and decide on a venue, like a hotel ballroom, accordingly.

Please take a moment to fill it out if you are interested in reviving and/or attending the Annual Unificationist Youth Banquet.

Survey: Unification Youth Banquet 2011

This survey is to get an idea of numbers of people interested in reviving the Annual Unification Youth Banquet that used to take place in London. This information will be used to help generate an idea of the budget required to secure an appropriate venue, such as a hotel ballroom.

Please forward this survey to any other Unificationist youth aged 16+ that you feel may be interested.


Nancy Jubb

Survey: Unification Youth Banquet 2011

1. I am from...

Choose based on country of residence.

the United Kingdom
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Outside of Europe

2. Do you like the idea of holding a formal banquet in celebration of Unificationist Youth?

Yes, It makes me feel proud to be a Unificationist.
No, it's not that important.

3. Would you like the idea of inviting Unificationist youth from all over Europe?

Yes, we should open up the event to the European level.
No, it's more intimate being a UK event.

4. Do you think that £35 per person (or £60 per couple) is a fair price for a ticket?

Please bear in mind that the event will be held at a large location such as hotel ballroom and ticket costs will go to covering expenses.

Yes, I think that's a fair price.
No, I think that the cost is too expensive.

5. Would you like to participate in or support with fundraising events if it will help make ticket prices cheaper?

Yes, I would be interested in participating in a fundraising event.
No, I would not be able to participate in fundraising events.

6. Which dates would you be able attend?

Sat. 20 August
Sun. 21 August
Sat. 27 August
Sun. 28 August
Sat. 3 September
Sun. 4 September
Sat. 10 September
Sun. 11 September
Any date works for me. 

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