The Words of the Jubb Family

Reflection on the Parents Matching Convocation

Chris Jubb
October 2008
United Kingdom

This was an important workshop for my wife and myself. We found advice from those who have experienced the Second Gen matching process, guidance from considering the ideal and encouragement from those who are willing to offer support for parents.

Matching by parents has only been possible since 2001 but finding a spouse for our child is the natural God-given way. It was necessary for True Parent to match the First Generation because our parents were not able to do it. Now we have the privilege to take our part in this aspect of restoration and revive the pattern that God had intended for Adam and Eve and their children.

The speakers gave their very honest and sincere opinions whilst acknowledging that nobody has all the answers and even the ‘experts’ may differ in their understanding of matching for Second Gen.

It was very heartening to see how the First and Second Gen are working together as staff on this workshop but also on a day-to-day basis to assist parents who are seeking to match their children.

Without hearing from the speakers at this convocation I would not have had the clear vision of what the matching is all about, nor would I have known that there are those in Europe who are willing and able to be advisors. I am also grateful to have met Jim and Hiromi Stephens who had made the long journey from USA to pass on their wisdom. 

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