The Words of the Jubb Family

Reflections from the European Leaders Meeting 2005 - Rome, Italy - Second Generation Members

Matthew Jubb
February 24-27, 2005

The meeting, of course, covered many different topics, some more interesting than others, but for me the main purpose was really to understand what our responsibility is as the whole of Europe to support True Parents' work, to connect what they really want us to do, and make it our heartfelt desire as well. It's easy for me as a HARP leader to just concentrate on organising individual workshops as something for HARP members to do, but after meeting I came to understand a much deeper aspect, that we have to prepare all 2nd generation to inherit, and eventually to take over from, 1st generation. We are their hope and they desperately need us. We really are a central part of the providence and not just the children of our movement. When I return to the UK I really hope to become much more serious in my mission and in taking care of the spiritual lives of all our HARP members, for it really is a life and death matter.

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