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Reflections on HARP Winter Workshop 2005

Jonathan Jubb
February 2005

This Winter Workshop in Schmitten with 135 people was different to other Workshops I have been on, because I have never been to a Workshop where I can’t speak the language; it was hard at times. The main reason for me wanting to go to this Workshop was because of the strong connection I have with some of the German brothers. It was really nice to see them again. But I found out later on that there were many other reasons and that I was glad that I could come and learn more about German HARP and the 1st Generation living in Germany. Seeing how German HARP Leaders do different activities and seeing how they run things was interesting to find out about, and I think this made the Workshop more enjoyable for me as it was a completely different experience than what I would have had in a British Workshop.

Starting the year in another country is an experience I will never forget. I believe I started the New Year of 2005 in the best way possible. The mornings on each day of the Workshop were near enough the same, but after lunch we did activities I have never done in a workshop before. One afternoon, we had different groups of discussions on different topics, which was good as I chose ‘School Life and Church Life’. It was really amazing to listen to. Listening to all German HARPies being very open with problems they go through, especially since Germans know a lot about the movement, and so the blessed children get a lot of negativity from their teachers and class friends. So they were also giving out advice on how to deal with this and how you can get around it, which is so important. This talk really inspired everyone, and me, to go and be proud of being 2nd Generation and tell my school friends.

The talent and entertainment evening split up into two separate evenings. It was nice to see the talent some of the people on the Workshop had, and then next evening, seeing teams working together with their plays. I think this worked best with it being separate. The Rock-Out, Film and Karaoke was crazy, as expected, with people having different choices from relaxing and watching a film, dancing the whole night and also karaoke. This was funny with many songs being sung and the audience joining in; I think this was one of the best evenings of the Workshop.

Generally I really enjoyed the Workshop, and I liked the change of atmosphere with different people around me. I encourage anyone to go to another country for a Workshop as it can bring many more experiences and close friends. It also can amaze you how HARP is run differently from where you live!!

Jonathan Jubb

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