The Words of the Jenkins Family

Message From Reverend Jenkins To Leaders

Michel Jenkins
December 26, 2004

Dear Leaders,

As reported earlier the Eight Million Couples Blessing was fulfilled on time. We sincerely thank the Regional, Vice Regional Directors, AFC leaders and State Leaders and all our directors of organizations. Particularly we sincerely thank our blessed families. As we end one providence it leads to another but usually with no break in the action.

It is because Father trusts you and each offering becomes another firm step in the stairway to Cheon Il Guk. Father is not hesitating to stand strongly and boldly on the offerings we make (even though we know our offerings are not all that they should be). Somehow when we are sincere Father takes the offering and then sets a condition to offer it to heaven. True Parents personal indemnity and suffering is offered to cover the gap between our offering and God's ideal. Many times Father weeps at night apologizing to God that he didn't bring enough before heaven. With this heart Father has overcome Satan and all providential courses have been fulfilled.

Therefore as we make these conditions and offerings - let us weep and come before God with a sorrowful heart that we didn't inspire more people and set more conditions of unity, faith, sacrifice and love to achieve the Will. With this heart Satan must flee from the offering. I am weeping my brothers and sisters, when I see the sacrifice of our Father and Mother and the True Family. Their hearts cannot be easily understood. Then as Father weeps all night that the world is still suffering and God's heart is aching, he comes down in the morning and did what he did on Christmas morning. He gives kind love and guidance. With a beautiful face and smill that radiates true love Father and Mother embraced these young second generation newly matched couples. How incredible it is. How can we understand what is really happening? Do we understand who Father is? We don't. We don't realize the value of our True Parents and True Family many times because we don't see their tears. We see them smiling and encouraging us or driving us toward heaven. But late at night when no one is looking tears are flowing at East Garden. The tears of our True Parents. They cry because they care about God and they care about all humanity. They care about you and your family and especially your children. It was incredible to see the love on Christmas morning. Father and Mother sang four songs for the young people. It was a day of True Love. Jesus could comforted. His sacrifice has been brought to full completion. The ideal family has been eternally founded and will never be broken. Now is is expanding throughout the world.

Father's next direction: Educate 8000 religious leaders. Dr. Yang has approved the Message for Peace - we must deliver this to the religious leaders along with the invitation to Korea for the World Peace Summit (February 10 - 15) to 2000 Catholics, 2000 Protestants, 2000 Muslim leaders and 1000 Jewish and 1000 other leaders.

God is truly great. Thanks for fulfilling the 8 million. Now let us fulfill the 8000. We are creating powerpoint lectures on the Peace Kingdom for seminars for follow up and more substantial education for these religious leaders. We will hold these seminars throughout January in preparation for the Peace Summit. We will march to the DMZ and set the condition that the walls between the brothers and sisters of the North and the South will dissolve. Father loves the people of the North. He longs for them to be reunited with their families in the south. We will bring peace in the Middle East and in Korea. It is absolute and it is real.

Please be encouraged and let us fulfill the goal of 8000 by January 3rd.



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