The Words of the Jenkins Family

Matching and Blessing

Michael Jenkins
December 24, 2004

Dear Family,

Do you remember when you were matched by True Parents. When was it? In the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's ??? Was it in the new Millenium.

None of us can ever forget this moment in our lives. The journey we took with our spouse from that moment is profound and deep. It is not simple. Ancestry, nations and cultures are merging through your chosen families.

The Second Generation here that are being matched are younger than we were on average. Many are just 18. Yet we are so proud of them. They are struggling, they are nervous, they are searching and yet, so many of them are absolutely clear that God is bringing them the most precious gift of all The most precious gift in history. The Blessing of Marriage. We were made for this. This is what it is all about. It is incredible - the spirit here at East Garden for the last few days is like nothing I have ever seen. Many of our second generation are seeking counsel and many elders are guiding them. It is not simple. Each individual is responsible to commit based on their own faith. The young people realize this.

Yesterday some couldn't make it. For whatever reason, they weren't ready. God will come back for them at another time. One thing here is quite clear (even though many of the new matched couples don't realize it), there is no one that is here that wasn't called by God. If you stepped through the door at East Garden - God called you directly. Even for those who weren't qualified (the standards were quite strict in terms of no previous matching and other conditions - some slipped through) but it came out. Even those that came and were not qualified and were not blessed were called by God here. We are all here to learn of the Way of Heaven. I realize here once again that no matter what kind of encounter we have with True Parents, the face to face meeting with the Lord is not a simple matter. History and destiny are in full force. Therefore in counseling some who weren't ready they needed to be here and go through something with True Parents so they could elevate their life of faith. Many are here in tears and struggle. God is guiding each and every one if they can receive it. Every experience here is set up by God to give us the best possible lesson directly for our own life of faith.

The matching last night was again a moment in heaven. Do you remember what it was like for you. When you were standing in a line or when Father's finger pointed directly at you ?? What a moment. Sometimes, from and external view, it seems that Father is just picking at random or based on some feeling. It is infinitely deeper than that and our Blessed Families are the evidence and fact of this matter. When we look at our blessed families and now their children we realize how deeply the providence of Heaven was at work to create our families. All of them have deep restorational histories going on. Always, we have our own responsibility. We can never deny this. No matter how must God has brought us together and prepared our ancestors for this marriage, our sacrifice and investment to peal away the layers and barriers between ourselves and our spouses is the only way that True Love can occur. However, when we go through this sacrificial course and overcome through faith in the Divine Principle and God working through our True Parents we restore our ancestors and our own characters. We dissolve the histories of division as we bring races, religions and cultures together beyond all boundaries. We are creating on family of God. It is incredible when I see these young people suddenly matched and the look of wonderment when they first look at each other.

Or the look on our young sisters face when Father begins to ask her questions and then suddenly makes a decision that will effect history and eternity. Then when the couples bow to each other, do you remember what it was like? It is such an indescribable feeling and we know that much suffering will come.

However, when we look at the children of the families who went through this blessing providence, we are greatly encouraged. This children are the fruit of your tears and your suffering. They were forged in the same fires that the Israelites and the early Christian martyrs were formed in. They are created in the heart of God himself.

So many are having profound spiritual experiences. One sister was praying that would have a spouse from Austria. Then out of all the candidates her spouse came forward as he was picked by Father - he was from Austria!!

There was very amazing. Blessed Families, your tears are not in vain. These blessed families are emerging from this and a new generation will rise I counseled some of the young people. I weep for them. They are struggling. Mainly they are struggling because they know that once they commit they don't want to make a mistake. They are serious about the blessing. The blessing is the central point of all of our lives. Many beautiful european brothers and sisters are here. Rev. and Mrs. Song the continental director of Europe came to help them, he poured out his heart for these young people. We will be spending Christmas together with them. We will never forget this Christmas. We sincerely thank all the blessed families for your endless sacrifice and tears to follow True Parents and instill in your children the way of faith.

The atmosphere is profound here. It is one of the most amazing moments with True Parents. Father is guiding everyone to expect to struggle, he said that 80% won't like their match but they can't see that God is bringing the very best together so that the greatest happiness will come to them and their families for eternity. Father is guiding everyone today that they are great because they overcame the struggle to be here and get matched. Next they must overcome the struggle of "bringing two worlds together and COLLIDING" . The two worlds that come together in them will create a lot of heat and friction but Father is guiding them to understand that by living for the other - they will find the most precious happiness and True Love.

New families for the Kingdom of God are emerging through these beautiful children. These young people were born without the original sin. They were born with a special position and destiny. Please pray for them. They begin the journey of the Blessing on December 26th. They are our hope and the hope of Heaven.

True Love and Blessing to you on this historic Christmas.

Thanks America, Europe, Korea and, Canada and Japan - all nations who sent their precious sons and daughters here.

Let us build a new world. Please God don't worry. We will fulfill !!!


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