The Words of the Jenkins Family

December 22nd - The Day Jesus was Crowned in Jerusalem - One Year Ago Today

Michael Jenkins
December 22, 2004

Dear Family,

At this time of Christmas in which we remember the birth of Jesus, let us give thanks to God and True Parents who opened the way for the Crowning of Jesus as King. The Pilgrimages made a path for the reconciliation of Muslim Christian and Jewish leaders through the Jerusalem Declaration. This led to the historic establishment of the fourth Israel - a new covenant between God and the Chosen people who now represent Muslims, Christians and Jews and all people of faith who received the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine from August 20, 2003.

One year ago today, historic Jewish leaders opened the way for all healing and reconciliation by joining together in support to honoring Jesus with a Crown and proclaiming him King of Israel.

This reversed the history of 2000 years ago and set the condition that Jesus was embraced and honored by his own family. Through this the reconciliation of Christians, Muslims and Jews could begin substantially which will eventually lead to full reconciliation between Israel and Palestine.

The Coronation of Jesus was expanded to the world stage through February 4th in America. This set the foundation for the Crown of Peace to be given to our True Parents in America, Korea and in every state of America, every nation and continent of the world.

Welcome Home Jesus !!! December 22nd is the historic day in which on the stage in Jerusalem in Independence Park in front of 20,000 plus participants your painful heart and the painful suffering heart of God could be liberated and healed.

Welcome Home Jesus !!! Jerusalem is becoming the City of Peace for All People.

We thank God and True Parents for the great religious leaders that came forward from Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths to open the way for this day. We thank God for Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Dr. Thomas Walsh who brought the IIPC to Israel for this historic reconciliation.

We thank God for every Continent and their sacrifices as Ambassadors for Peace to advance the Peace Kingdom in the Holy Land over the last year with Dr. Betancourt and Bill Selig. We especially thank our IIFWP of Israel, Dr. Abe and Mr. Hod Ben Zvi and our IIFWP Palestine and our Ambassadors for Peace (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) from all sides there who sacrificed to make this possible.

Peace is being realized with each step we take.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam - Pray for Peace in the Middle East !!!!

Welcome Home Jesus. Welcome Home.


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