The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Elder Son Nation Has Fulfilled This Stage Of The Providence

Michael Jenkins
December 22, 2004

Dear Family,

We have spent the last few days since December 13th in very important providential meetings with our True Parents. December 13th was an historic turning point in God's providence. The top leaders of the Elder Son Nation made a positive condition of support for our efforts to educate American people concerning faith, family, freedom and peace centered on God. Based on leaders coming together around this theme, Father proclaimed that the offering was accepted by Heaven. Of course, we should always be grateful for God's grace for we are certainly repentful that we have not been able to fulfill an even greater change in the direction of America including greater support from American religious and political leaders for the sake of God's providence.

The other condition that we are proud to announce is that we have officially crossed over the 8 million blessing goal that was set by our True Parents!!! We have achieved over 10 million blessings as of today. The 2 million whom we have blessed recently by October 30th and the 10 million who were blessed by December 20th should ideally understand the meaning of God's providence and the need for the unity of all religions at this time.

Therefore, we must now begin a process of education so that as many as possible of those who have received the pre blessing can understand the principle of the ideal family centered on true love. Each family needs to affirm that they will have faith in God. They need to come to understand the value of all religions and essential condition of purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage. This will take a process of education and sacrifice That is why we have requested that the focal point of your blessing outreach be the tong ban kyok pa (breakthrough on the neighborhood level) and the ACLC churches and other organizations we are affiliated with. This will enable each of us to do the clearest and most reliable follow-up.

We sincerely congratulate all regions that fulfilled their goals and to all for sacrificing and working hard to achieve 8 million.

The special banquet on the evening of December 13th was very important providentially in that representatives of the religious realm representing Abel and the civic realm representing Cain from all over the world came together to honor True Parents with the crown of peace. The atmosphere on the evening of December 13th was one of warmth and sincerity from former and current heads of state as well as from top religious leaders from all the providential nations.

This certainly set the condition for the providence to move forward correctly and rapidly from this moment. On December 17th Father assembled a special group of 16 leaders who represent various organizations that work for education and peace. In that meeting Father proclaimed that the December 13th events were successful in providential terms and that through True Parents' indemnity the victory could be claimed. We are sincerely grateful to God for this grace and blessing, for we know that God's ideal and hope was that even more would be accomplished. However, because Heaven could accept the result, a new beginning could occur and a new foundation could be laid for the advancement of God's providence and the Kingdom of God on earth (Cheon Il Guk).

True Parents felt that these 16 leaders did not come together by coincidence but actually came together representing the 16 nations that fought to protect Korea during the Korean War. This new organization will be called the Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation for Cheon Il Guk. It will set the foundation for launching this effort towards the Peace Kingdom, creating an atmosphere of harmony and respect for all races, religions, nations and cultures and leading them into the era of true love centering on God. We will now begin a special education program for the key religious leaders of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all faiths, both in America and throughout the world. Today, through a lottery type selection, each of the 16 were appointed as Branch King's of Peace as Ambassadors from True Parents to bring God's True Love to each of the 16 nations that sent troops to protect Korea in the Korean war. We are repeating history. Now our task is to once again unify those 16 nations to bring peace worldwide, in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula. The representatives of these 16 nations will be the first substantial representation of the Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation for Cheon Il Guk. This is a great historic moment in God's providence. During the Korean war the nations were not able to complete their commitment and Korea was divided Therefore this new movement of 16 nations must set out to reverse that history and help to peacefully reunify Korea at this time.

On December 17th True Father proclaimed that the conditions set on December 13th could be accepted by Heaven and therefore that the providence of God is secure. However, Father also cautioned that at this most serious time in providential history, the unity of the providential religions and nations is crucial, and he said it will take tremendous focus and sacrifice from all blessed families to advance this harmony correctly.

To do this, we ask all blessed families to continue expanding the blessing. On our last Ahn Shi Il, December 15th, Father requested that the main focus of all blessed couples should be to continue to share God's blessing with all humanity. Each blessed family should become a true family, and each blessed parent should become a true parent. That's why education and blessing will be our key focus for the development of the Peace Kingdom. Father has strongly emphasized that each blessed couple must have the Crown of Peace Ceremony on their family or tribal level including the blessing for all relatives.

We thank God for all the conditions of fasting, prayer and sincere dedication that were set worldwide. In particular, we thank all the saints of heaven, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and most of all our True Parents, for truly they were able to guide the providence through these challenging times to the victory that has now been secured. Again, we thank all our leadership and all members and blessed families for offering conditions of faith and action. Let us go forward with joy to expand the Peace Kingdom with True Parents' love.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents,


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