The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Arrival

Michael Jenkins
December 11, 2004

Dear Family,

The arrival of True Parents in Washington was a great moment in history. After 34 years of sacrifice and investment to unify all races and religions to heal this nation incredible depth of commitment to True Parents teaching is now publicly being expressed. Father expressed tremendous hope that with the Religious leaders of this nation united with him we will create a new beginning for this nation. Through them we will give support and help to the civic and community leaders to lead this nation in the direction of building strong families of faith with love for all races and will bring the world. Father was excited. The impact in America, the Holy Land and Asia is getting stronger and stronger.

A very high level Korean Delegation from the Religious, Academic and Political areas are here receiving Father's inspiration and challenge. He is totally encouraging them to unify together all the people of faith. We are now in an era where fighting must be ended, and struggle must be resolved through peaceful means.

Last night some of the 12 religious leaders who have been working with local ACLC clergy in the Washington Area and reaching out to clergy and religious leaders for the Breakfast Summit had a special dinner with True Parents Jewish, Muslim and Christian have been involved in the outreach. Archbishop Stallings, Father Hatoum (from Nazareth), Sheikh H. Murad from the Middle East, Imam Jodeh, Rev. Luke Boswell and Bishop Pugh were in attendance. It was a beautiful feeling of support that they demonstrated for True Parents. Father gave a very serious and powerful sermon really challenging the religious leaders to make an absolute determination to change this world for good. It is a most amazing thing to see international delegations of the Abrahamic faiths going from Church to Mosque to Synagogue. Our ACLC work has now, through the IIFWP and MEPI Pilgrimages become a global movement of religious leaders.

In key meetings with Muslim scholars and Imams the foundation is being set to introduce the power of non violent methods to address the divisions of humanity. Imam Bundakji, having been featured in the Washington Post and in an upcoming feature on ABC. His prominence in advancing a non violent approach is becoming well known. He is our beloved ACLC Clergy and IIFWP Amb. for Peace who opened so many hearts and doors in the Muslim world.

Father challenged them saying I haven't found many "real" religious leaders In fact he said to one leader there are you a Christian minister? A you a real Christian Minister? I haven't found too many real Christian ministers in the world. If they are real they will create an upheaval and storm in this evil world. Real religious leaders challenge the evils of the world and become like a lighting rod !!!

Father said, "If I had 10 Bishop Stallings" the work would go faster. He also said that if we reach 300 religious leaders from each race that are as united with Father as the key leaders at the table then a outpouring of heaven will occur. We are in this kind of time.

Through this process a very positive and productive relationship is now developing with the leaders of this nation. It is like the spirit of the founding of this nation when people of faith came together with leaders of conscience to form a "more perfect union".

America is standing in a crucial moment in history as the Second Israel. The prophets and priests of that Second Israel have spoken and they are totally uniting with True Parents heart and desire to serve humanity and end all divisions. They are making enormous progress now at bringing this message of faith and love to our nations decision makers.

We are confident that in a very short time this we will see a rapid revival of moral values and advancement of the blessed family and the principles of peace.

Yours in Faith,


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