The Words of the Jenkins Family

Yukichi Tate Passes To Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
December 8, 2004

Dear Family,

Our beloved brother and truly a loyal son to True Parents, Mr. Yukichi Tate has made his transition to the next world. We truly are grateful for his example over the years to all of the American movement. He and his wife greatly comforted True Parents through their faith and heart toward heaven.

We give our sincere love and support to Mrs. Tate and their three children. Mr. Tate's was most noted for his leadership and example as an MFT commander bringing the best spirit of faith, sacrifice and loyalty into the hearts of many of our elder American leaders and members.

We are grateful that we can celebrate such a life at this time.

Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger wrote the following concerning Mr. Tate. Please send donations and offer prayers for this great family of Cheon Il Guk.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents,
Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation For World Peace and Unification

Mr. Yukichi Tate arrived in the US in September 1973. He was on the IOWC with Mr. Sudo. After that he was on MFT mission including in charge of MFTs in the Chicago region. In 1984 he joined the Fish Business and was a sales person up to 1992. From 1993 he was a Tribal Messiah both in Japan and in the US. During this time, he ran a small business in Seattle and in 1993 he joined True World Marine in New Jersey as a sales person until his illness did not allow him to work anymore.

He leaves his wife Kazue Tate and 3 children: Yasuko (25), Tadaichi (24) and Tadaharu (13). We are working on all the arrangements for the Seung Hwa Ceremony. The date should be set by tonight. Monetary gifts can be sent to our Windermere address (c/o Tate Family) at 6601 NE Windermere Rd., Seattle, WA 98115. We made arrangements for Ballard Blossom to handle flower arrangements. Their toll free number is 888-782-4213. Their web site is Simply mention Mr. Yukichi Tate's name and they will handle the flower arrangements.

Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger

Dear Friends,

I learned that Mr. Tate passed away this evening in Seattle, WA. He has been fighting cancer throughout this year.

Lets remember him for his enthusiastic support for God and True Parents.

Please let his friends know.

George Brewer

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