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Guidelines and Registration Forms for Dae Mo Nimís Tour

Michael Jenkins
November 17, 2004


This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders

Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: November 17, 2004
RE: Guidelines and registration forms for Dae Mo Nimís tour

Dear Leaders:

One of the most significant activities that True Parents have initiated is the Chung Pyung providence. This condition centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim is a central pillar of Godís dispensation and preparation for the Kingdom of God. To assist the American mission, True Father has asked Dae Mo Nim to schedule a special tour that will bring tremendous blessing and fortune as well as healing and liberation to every blessed family who participates in faith.

Eligible Participants

All blessed members and their children are urged to participate. This includes all who participated in the holy wine ceremony, affirmed the four vows, and received True Parents' Blessing prayer--whether in person or by satellite. Qualified participants can include:

- Family Federation members
- Members of the clergy
- Ambassadors for Peace
- All others who wish to participate and who have received the blessing

Adults and children are strongly encouraged to take time off of work and school to attend this special ceremony.

Expected Benefits

One central purpose of Dae Mo Nimís tour is to open the gateway for young people to join directly our family movement as core members. This is one of the central purposes of this providence.

Special concerns or "wishes" will be addressed through this ceremony. A more detailed explanation is attached. Many testimonies from Japan indicate that a tremendous transition and revival have occurred in the Japanese movement.


1. Please study this entire memo carefully and review the attachments.

A. Outline of the Program of Events (pdf)

B. Gen. 1-98 Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Form (pdf)

C. To register for the Registration Blessing (pdf)

D. Registration to become a Sp. W and Ph. W. Blessed Family (pdf)

E. Registration to raise up 2nd/3rd gen. in the spirit world (pdf)

F. Explanation of the "Special Prayer Gathering for Inheriting Heavenly Fortune and Fulfilling Wishes (pdf)

2. Distribute information to all potential participants. Families should attend during their regionís allotted time. If some special circumstance makes it impossible for a family to attend with their region, they may--with the permission of their regional director--attend a session elsewhere.

3. Regional directors should appoint three blessed wives as regional advisors to help people who have questions or need assistance in filling out any of the registration forms. These sisters should be graduates of the 40-day blessed wivesí workshop in Chung Pyung. Regional directors should communicate with Rev. Ken Doo in case additional information is needed to answer membersí questions.

4. Host cities: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC should each select a person who will organize all the registration data from participating regions. Please give that person's name and contact information to Margaret Herbers at national headquarters.

Cheong Pyeong will be providing an Excel spreadsheet for collection of all ceremony registrations. After Nov. 25th an English-speaking staff member will be in the US to explain how to use this Excel form and to answer questions.

5. Host cities: Please assemble all documents from Dae Mo Nimís previous two tours in 1999 and in 2001 that remain in your office. Contact Margaret for instructions about sending them to Cheong Pyeong.

Donations And Event Fees (To be announced)

As in previous tours, each participating family will be asked to make a contribution to help cover the costs of the tour. As soon as this amount is set, information will be sent to you.

Instructions for processing of all fees and donations for the various ceremonies will be available soon.

Registration For Ceremonies

Cheong Pyeong has asked that registration for each ceremony be done prior to the day of Dae Mo Nimís event. Some details are still being clarified about the best way to organize this process. Further information will be available soon.

The attached form for ancestor liberation/blessing is available in English and Spanish for your use as needed. (It requires legal-size paper.) Look for the tabs at the bottom of the screen that say "1-98 Eng. for tour," and "1-98 Span. for tour." Through the 98th generation can be liberated.

Special blank papers for the Fulfillment of Wishes program are being shipped to each of the four cities from Chung Pyung. These will be filled out by members during each event.

Event Schedule

Each event will begin at 12:30 p.m. in each city. Everyone should be in the room by 12:00 noon.

Each participant must have an FM radio to hear translations.

The Gathering for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and Fulfilling Wishes, Ancestor Liberation, and Ancestor Blessing will probably conclude by approximately 6:00 p.m. The remaining events should conclude by approximately 9:00 p.m.

Checking Records Of Previous Ancestor Ceremonies

Members who have questions about their ancestor records in the Chung Pyung database can send inquiries to:


English: (please note: the earlier address of was incorrect)

Each inquiry should include the following information where applicable:

1. Full name of husband and wife (this is needed in case different names were used at different liberations). Include first name, middle name, last name, maiden name, and nickname.

2. Blessing group

3. State of residence

4. Names of 2nd generation who did liberation ceremonies on behalf of their parents at Cheong Pyeong

5. Birthdays of husband, wife, and any 2nd generation who did ancestor liberation ceremonies

6. Dates of liberation ceremonies done in the US, city of participation, and which generations you think were liberated at each ceremony.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Michael W. Jenkins

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