The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Points

Michael Jenkins
November 15, 2004

Dear Bro/Sis:

We are in a very serious period. Father has cleared the way for the Elder Son Nation to fulfill its role. Everything is centering on the December events that are coming up.

To enhance our condition to bring victory Dr. Yang has asked for a 21 Day prayer condition from Monday, November 15 (TODAY) to Sunday, December 5.

The Prayer Points are in the November 12, 2004 National HQ memo # nhq20041112.

They are:

1. True Parents and True Family and the success of all providential work at this time.

2. That God will bless and guide America to fulfill the position of the Elder Son Nation at this time, and for the unity of all leaders, blessed families and members.

3. The unity of all ACLC clergy and Ambassadors for Peace with Heaven's providence at this time.

4. The fulfillment of the 8 million couple blessing before December 31.

5. The fulfillment of all goals for upcoming events and the success of the banquet and the IIFWP, ACLC and AFC conferences in Washington, DC.

6. The success of Dae Mo Nim's tour.

7. Personal fulfillment of goals.

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