The Words of the Jenkins Family

Memo On Dae Mo Nim Liberation

Michael Jenkins
November 9, 2004

Dear Leaders:

A. In preparing for Dae Mo Nim's trip to the US, some of your members may not be clear about what generations they have liberated or blessed. The liberation records office at Chung Pyung has provided e-mail addresses for members who seek clarification about this.

Also the Finance Office in New York has records of liberation/blessing donations given in the US which may help members identify what donations they may not have completed.

Please provide this contact information to your members.

NY Finance Office -- Keiko Sakai (No telephone calls, please)

Chung Pyung Liberation Records office Japanese -- English --

Each request to Chung Pyung should include the following information where applicable:

1. Full name of husband and wife (necessary in case different names were used at different liberations) To include first name, middle name, last name, maiden name, nickname

2. Blessing group

3. State of residence

4. Names of 2nd gen. who did liberation ceremonies on behalf of their parents at Chung Pyung

5. Birthdays of husband, wife, and any 2nd gen. who did ancestor liberation ceremonies

6. Dates of liberation ceremonies done in the US, city of participation, and which generations liberated at each ceremony.

B. Also, please encourage members to do a 21-day condition in preparation for Dae Mo Nim's tour.

C. An explanation of the Fulfillment of Wishes portion of the event will be provided soon.



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