The Words of the Jenkins Family

Refection By Reverend Stephan Berg On The Blessing

Michael Jenkins
November 5, 2004

Here is an interesting reflection on the blessing activity.

This observation has been very widely discussed.

Thanks for the victory of our True Parents in the Blessing and the Speaking tour and other educational activities.


Dear Rev. Jenkins,

My wife Jane and I are quite astonished that the 2 Million Blessing and True Parents extra ordinary 2 days of prayer vigil had such a remarkable impact on the whole nation. From my limited view, the main topics pre-election were jobs, economy and the war. After the election it is morality and the family. Indeed, the whole nation is turning to consider family issues. With the next 6 million blessed to the end of the year, God may be able to work wonders in this nation.

Rev. Staffan Berg

VRD Arizona

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