The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Direction for America - Bless the Family, Save the Nation

Michael Jenkins
November 3, 2004

Dear Family,

We congratulate President Bush on his reelection and we applaud his clarity of family values. We pray that God will bless this next four years with peace, prosperity and a great renewal and strengthening of the family for America and the World.

We are grateful for True Parents' care and love for America during this last two weeks. They initiated tremendous revival for America, our families, the clergy and the Ambassadors for Peace through the Blessing, Father's speaking tour and other educational activities, including the effort to lift up True Family Values through our television network. Also, the publishing of Father's historic message in all major newspapers was an additional key condition.

To fully secure God's blessing and presence in America, True Parents have asked that we continue the Blessing of American families. Father desires that we bless 6 million more couples before the end of the year. Two million have been completed. Please begin the next phase of the blessing movement. Please continue to do the blessing with great faith.

Please be reminded that giving the holy wine to 2 million was the key condition that Father set to secure God's blessing and protection of America through the election period. He said that the support of the two million blessing was central purpose of his speaking tour.

His direction for us is to continue blessing two million every two weeks until we reach 8 million. We ask each family to now bless 3000 more couples per family. Please continue to expand the blessing in all ACLC churches, in your communities and organizations.

We particularly ask that you focus on families in your neighborhood. With this they can be recontacted for further "true family values" education. This is Father's hope. We want to go a more "substantial" direction continually through the blessing process. We ask that you continue to give out the Blessing leaflet literature and in addition please give out Father's words from the speaking tour (attached) so that the couples may be educated concerning the Blessed Marriage and Family.

Our direction in this era "After the Coming of Heaven" is to fulfill our responsibility as Blessed Central Families to Bless our family and relatives as our internal tribe and then our neighbors and community as the external tribe.

Father signed the Blessing Report confirming two million couples on Sunday, October 31. He received clear reports of the various methods that people used to give they blessing. Father is quite clear. He offered it all to God and it was received by Heaven.

The key thing to understand that the blessing we are giving now can be compared to sowing seed. It also is linked to allowing those who participate to be considered as part of the "fourth Israel" and a people that have received grace such that all conditions and yokes that have blocked our races, our religions, our nations and cultures from being one family are now liberated through this "blessing" with Cheon Il Guk Holy wine.

Of course if it is the first time they receive the holy wine it also allows the person to graft into the True Olive Tree and the Lineage of God. Like seed, not all will take root and flourish but God can use this condition freely to relate with each person who has taken the Pre blessing of holy wine. God does not need an indemnity condition to approach them or to answer them, once they have participated they are considered to be conditionally" grafted into the tree of life. With this condition God can freely relate. What does this mean? We don't know how many will actually connect with God's dispensation from this but some number out of the 8,000 000 will be able to make a huge step forward toward the Peace Kingdom. Especially if we educate them with Father's teaching on the Blessed Family. The number definitely is related to how we follow up. That is why our families and neighborhoods are so important. You can easily continue to give them God's word.

Therefore as we go forward in this manner, we can create an "atmosphere" and spiritual climate in which the "family" becomes more and more the central burning issue on people's hearts. Father would like see us bless and educate 8 million and with that foundation the family and the nation of America can be secured.

First, we must fulfill the external goal. But we must never forget that the deeper goal is to graft families into the True Olive tree and educate them with the Divine Principle to allow them to overcome divorce and adultery. The breakdown of the family through immorality (especially free sex and adultery) and divorce are the most serious and devastating threats to America. Immorality is the most serious challenge to God's work with the Elder Son Nation. The Blessing is the most effective way to counter this trend and lead people to the "Way" of heaven.

That is why on the tour Father called for the formation of a New Coalition of Religious people, people of faith and people of conscience - of all professions to rise up and become a powerful movement that will transcend politics and more rapidly align this nation with the will of God in building the Kingdom of God on earth. A "family" movement is now needed more than ever before. The blessing of 8 million will be the base for the family movement.

Let us go forward with immense gratitude to God and True Parents, Jesus and all of heaven for extending the time in which America can truly fulfill its responsibility as the Elder Son nation.



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