The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report on LA Event

Michael Jenkins
November 2, 2004

Rev. Ku, Rev. Henning and all Western block Regional and Vice Regional Directors, as well as all family members, are to be commended for the incredible success of Father's final speech in Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 30th. The Los Angeles event was more diverse than any other city. Chinese, Hispanic, Japanese, Eastern European dignitaries and the leaders of communities representing every race were there as Ambassadors for Peace. We could feel from the moment we arrived that once again Rev. Ku's preparation was fantastic. He clearly reported to Father all the details when we arrived and had our first meeting with the leaders together with True Parents. About 1,000 attended the event, mostly guests.

Also in attendance were the 12 clergy that have been traveling with Father, also joined by Senator Donzella James, whom True Parents love and respect very much. The clergy played a key role in every city, praying for and supporting Father and strongly testifying that he is the Second Coming. They represent Protestant and Catholic, black and white, Hispanic and Asian. It was a beautiful, beautiful sight to see. Every night Father would have give and take with the clergy, especially with Archbishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards. He gave the clergy quite a hard time. He would say to them, "You clergy, how do you think God sees you? You think he is impressed? You have the responsibility to save America. Don't take this lightly." Then he said to them, "You clergy, why are your bellies so big? You've been eating well. Have you been concerned about others before yourselves? Any pastor who seeks only benefit from his church will decline. If you're seeking personal benefit by doing your work as a religious leader then you're only doing a job; you're not doing a mission." Moved by Father's excitement and inspiration, the clergy would always respond, "Amen, Father Moon. Amen." On each occasion they would be introduced and they would stand up, joined by local ACLC clergy and imams that would stand and say, "Yes, Father, you are the one. You are the one chosen."

Rev. Daugherty did a tremendous job leading the 12 clergy across America. This journey also gave them an important personal experience of being with Father every day. Many of the clergy were completely shocked at Father's real lifestyle and schedule, speaking two or three hours late at night, then getting up at 4:30 a.m. for two hours of hoon dok hae, having a meeting at breakfast and more meetings during the day. The clergy realized Father's life is incredible sacrifice. Many of the clergy were totally exhausted, but though exhausted they were inspired. Father challenged them seriously, especially Archbishop Stallings. Father began to really give him a hard time, which is a sign that Father really loves him. Father is deeply inspired by Archbishop Stallings' message and testimony, which sincerely and humbly testified to Father's mission and work.

The Western block (regions 16-21) stretches from Washington state to New Mexico and from Colorado to California. Some members drove 20 hours to bring their guests to hear the word.

Rev. Levy Daugherty began by welcoming everybody with great inspiration. He embraced the California contingent, saying "We must realize that we are now about to hear the word from the man God has chosen to lead us into the Kingdom. We also must realize how privileged we are. Think about if we had had the chance to sit with Jesus 2,000 years ago. What would have been our attitude and our heart?"

Rev. Daugherty introduced the Origin choir, which was created by Rick Joswick, and Barry Fasman, the producer of the hit TV show, "Fame." The Origin choir was composed of the Los Angeles Family Church members. They sang powerfully and were joined by the Sadoc Christian Singers. They included Magdalena Millsap, daughter of Rev. Millsap, an ACLC National Ex Committee members. She sang with great power, "Peace, Shalom, A Salaam Aleikum," a version of the song we sing in Israel as we march for peace. This song was written by Barry Fasman, and was performed so professionally that the atmosphere at the banquet became so high and also filled with joy.

Rev. Sterling Brown, who just came back with us from the Holy Land, pastor of Greater New Guide Baptist Church, gave the invocation. Dr. Yang gave the welcoming address, in which he emphasized the 34 years that Father spent in America, giving out everything he had, longing for this day when clergy, religious leaders and others would stand up and understand that they now have inherited the mission to bring the Kingdom of God through America. He said, "Tonight we welcome, perhaps for the last time ever, one such teacher whom God sent to America 34 years ago. Rev. Moon is known throughout America but he is understood by almost no one. I've seen that his simple teaching 'live for the sake of others' is the essence of how he lives. We have witnessed Father and Mother Moon's love through 34 years of total investment for this nation, and testified that it was all love, all sacrifice and heartfelt responsibility because Father Moon believes and teaches that America is a nation prepared by God for the healing and salvation of humanity."

Rev. Jesse Edwards, chairman of the National Executive Committee of ACLC, came to the stage totally anointed and inspired. He laid the foundation for people to understand that Father is the messiah. He talked about how he struggled with that concept, but then he experienced personally by confirmation of the Holy Spirit and by study of the Word of God that Father indeed was the one chosen and anointed by Jesus to be the Messiah and the Second Coming. He then also explained that Father once told him he was the messiah of Philadelphia, and then he began to understand the verse that says, " that he (Jesus) might be the firstborn among many brethren." (Rom. 8:29) Rev. Edwards realized that Father Moon was the first one that could walk this path and become True Parent, and that's why he extends the position of messiah and true parent to each one of us. In Father's speech several times he said, "I am your brother." Now we are to inherit the true Adam's position ourselves.

Rev. Edwards deeply touched Father's heart this time, but it hasn't been easy for the white clergy to come in. That's why it's so inspiring that other white clergy joined this tour, such as Bishop Pugh and Rev. Abernathy from Georgia, who were touched by the Jerusalem experience.

A congratulatory song, "In God's eyes." was performed by Mrs. Miyuki Harley and Jenna Eisenberg. Miyuki has performed for True Parents on a number of occasions, and also as a member of CARP performed at the Berlin wall. Jenna is a 2nd gen. composer and pianist, who at the age of 6 had already mastered the piano. We expect her to become a renowned composer. David Eaton, who did such an excellent job overseeing the event production of this tour, said to me, "You will see. Jenna become world famous. Her compositions are of the highest quality."

The nomination for the Crown of Peace was given by Dr. William R. Johnson, Jr., district superintendent of the CME church of Los Angeles and San Diego. Dr. Johnson emphasized with a scholarly presentation why Father and Mother Moon truly are the king and queen of peace - it is because they teach the way of true love and sacrifice. They also emphasize that the peace kingdom comes by loving all people, beyond race and religion, and the profound teaching of "love your enemy" is the essence of bringing peace on the earth.

The presentation of the Crown of Peace was given by Imam Haitham Bundakji, who is a great Muslim leader who opened our way in Gaza and Jerusalem and continues to stand as an Ambassador for Peace bringing Father's love and spirit to the Muslim leadership of the world. It was Imam Bundakji that stood in the park in front of the US consulate with our 9/11 rally and stated without hesitation that those who use violence do not understand the Koran. The Koran teaches us to be holy and love all humanity.

Imam Bundakji is playing a must significant role in the Middle East. He has the trust of all the key Muslim leaders and he loves True Parents. He brought his whole family on October 30th. One segment of the video presented in all four cities shows the deeply moving moment when Imam Bundakji is weeping at al Aqsa mosque, offering forgiveness to his Jewish brethren and repenting for any wrong he did. When Rabbi Lazarovitz comes and embraces him and they shed tears together, the audience in all four cities broke into applause, and many wept.

Mr. Keith McCarthy is the mayor pro tem of Downey, Calif. He also is an outstanding blessed family member and great civic leader. He and Imam Bundakji presented the Crown of Peace to Dr. and Mrs.. Yang, representing True Parents.

Archbishop Stallings' testimony given in preparation for Father's speech was the most moving of the four he presented during the tour. Kwon Jin Nim was in attendance (the first member of the true family to be born in America) and he mentioned he was very moved at Archbishop Stallings' sincerity. The archbishop explained that he really has come to realize that he didn't know God before meeting Father and Mother Moon. He was very happy with his Christianity, very happy with his life, but when he met Father Moon his whole world turned upside down as he realized that one's mind and body must be in harmony. You must be in perfect oneness with your thoughts and actions, and he sees that in Father Moon. The closer he gets, the more he realizes how little he has understood God all these years. The closer he gets to Father Moon, he testifies how little he's understood him. But now his eyes are being opened.

Father and Mother were backstage during Archbishop Stallings' testimony and this one in particular was most moving to them because the archbishop had not been given an easy time on this tour. Somehow Father is really seriously raising him, and also the 12 clergy, asking them, "What are you doing to save America? Will you only work when I call you? Or will you move on your own to bless the families and heal the marriages and end the immoral love relations?" Father's challenging them to catch fire and not be waiting for an assignment to move. Somehow Archbishop Stallings' testimony comforted Father deeply at this time.

When Father came to the stage, the audience was absolutely unified, and total victory was secured for the four-city tour, and I could feel that America was also secured. Father spoke for three hours, reading one or two sentences and then giving one or two paragraphs of explanation. It was beautiful. Father felt so free to speak. When we realize that those who came to this 4-city tour are the ones God relies on to save this nation, we feel humbled and very sincere and repentful. We must really change to be worthy to stand up and lead America. We must really be more true to the calling of God.

Father spoke with deep heart, pouring out his love for America to each and every person, without hesitation. He went on and on because the unity of the audience with him was absolutely beautiful - Muslim, Christian, Jewish leaders, also black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Eskimos from Alaska, representatives from Hawaii - every race was in that room and they were glued to the podium with Father. When Father said, "I'm speaking too long," the audience cried out, "No, please continue." (We will try to make these extemporaneous remarks available because they were profound in content.)

America absolutely has been secured by this condition, and during Father's speech the report came that we crossed the finish line of the 2 million blessing. It was unbelievable. Many members went door-to-door, shop-to-shop, blessing 1,000 or more couples. Some members blessed 15,000 couples. Last Sunday 78 churches held blessings in Chicago. Every minute brothers and sisters were pushing continuously. During Father's speech we got the call that the 62,000 blessings by Region 20 on that day had put us over the mark by 60,000. I knew this was an incredible moment in American history and that we will rise up and lead this nation, and that Father will bless America, whatever the outcome in November because a small condition was made by the American people to receive True Parents.

At the conclusion of the program, the Crown of Peace awards were presented by True Parents, including Imam Bundakji, Ms. Norma Foster, and Rev. Dr. William Johnson, superintendent of all CME churches for Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as to representatives of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Rev. Ku presented special community crown of peace awards to representatives from the Los Angeles area.

Imam Haitham Bundakji, Ms. Norma Foster (UN Association) , Dr. William Johnson Jr. (CME Church Superintendant), Rev. Stewar Minnieweather (ACLC Portland), Rev. Tausilia Moliga (Seattle), Rev. Brandon Reems (Oakland), Rev. Betty Tatalajski (Arizona) were given the Crowns of Peace Award.

Thanks America.

Thanks Los Angeles.


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