The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Fulfills 2 Million

Michael Jenkins
November 1, 2004

Dear brothers and sisters:

Congratulations, America, on the 2 million blessing. The North American movement of blessed families and churches worked harmoniously together with an attitude of faith, love and especially obedience. It was very dramatic to see Father himself actually bring about the fulfillment of 2 million blessings. Members had been working diligently since receiving Father's directions on Saturday, October 16th, and in exactly two weeks the goal was fulfilled. It took tremendous focus by regional and vice regional directors AFC and all other community leaders. We are deeply grateful as well to the WFWP and Mrs. Alexa Ward for her encouragement in helping members in different ways to convey the blessing.

Each day we reported to Father the total nationwide. For the first few days Father was very patient because he knew there was a start-up period. But toward the end of the first week we had not crossed the million mark and we felt a sense of concern. Still, each region pledged unconditionally to make the goal, and I could see that the attitude of our members, and especially our leaders, is what allowed Father to begin to have a peaceful mind.

Father came like a hurricane in the first six days since his return to America on Oct. 15th. It was almost fearful to sit at the breakfast table because Father was so desperate to set the condition to steer America's course toward the peace kingdom and to secure America with God's blessing. Father's concern is that the religious leaders and all people of faith and conscience â" whether they be professionals, journalists, political figures or business people â" come forward and become the conscience of this nation.

An Abel-type coalition must form to be able to guide this nation properly. Father made it very clear during the speaking tour that the political parties must do their work, but without an Abel-type movement to help coalesce people of faith beyond political party, they will never overcome this endless struggle. Therefore, as a condition to secure God's blessing for America, Father set the goal of 2 million blessings. The purpose of the speaking tour was focused on helping America fulfill this blessing. I'm sure many members felt in their hearts how much more they had to push in the last few days because Father was pushing himself so hard.

News of this incredible victory came during Father's speech when the report came from one region that put the nation beyond the 2 million goal. About the middle of Father's speech I got the call that we had crossed over the 2 million mark with the report from Northern California region. It was very interesting that the moment we crossed the line we would be in California, and that California would be the state to push it over. God is really working.

When True Parents were departing at the airport, I told them in Korean, choi sunull da ha-ge summnida â" we will do it, America will do it. We will fulfill Father's direction in every area. Father and Mother turned and smiled and said, now make 6 million more by the end of the year.

We brought the blessing report spreadsheet to Father that showed the accomplishment of the 2 million and he signed the form with a smile, writing on it, "North America." The 2 million blessing has been sealed. Father's tour was totally victorious. The people God has chosen, the fruit of True Father's 34 years, the most central people that God has prepared came to this speaking tour, and therefore it now rests upon all of our shoulders to carry forth the will of God for America.

Father has concluded his dispensational course of speaking tours in North America. He explained that according to the Principle this must be the end of his speaking tours because now it's our turn. We must fulfill our responsibility and Father cannot interfere with our portion of responsibility. However, I have good news. Father said he can always visit and speak to us as a true parent. He said, therefore, that if we make a large gathering of Ambassadors for Peace and clergy and professionals who are deeply yearning for True Parents to come, they may come again to do single events. Let us prepare, America, and let us fulfill our responsibility.

Congratulations on the 2 million blessing.


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