The Words of the Jenkins Family

Chicago - Congratulations To Bishop Kim And Chicago Block

Michael Jenkins
October 30, 2004

Dear Family,

The Chicago event was very exciting for True Parents. Father freely spoke for 2 hours. He was deeply encouraged by the response of all the clergy. The banquet had 1600 and 400 in overflow. 2000 came to welcome True parents. Minnesota, Texas, Ohio and Chicago regions are to be commended.

Father and Mother were very much comforted by the spirit of the clergy there Pastor Barrett played a key role and the 12 traveling with Father were really strongly supporting him.

Also, Rev. Edwards and Bishop Stallings gave testimonies that will be recorded in the Complete Testament Scripture of all of history.

The Messiah has come and the affirmation and confirmation of his role and anointing from Jesus and all of heaven is growing rapidly.

God Bless Chicago.

Father was very happy at Hoon Dok Hae this morning. It lifted True Parents. Father said this was the purpose of this tour. Politics alone will not decide the destiny of this nation - the central decision is being made now by the Abel religious leaders rising up like this to unite with True Parents combined with the Blessing of 2 million couples is the condition that will secure the destiny of this nation. The decision has been made. It has been sealed. Today in Los Angeles America will be delivered by grace and by faith.

On the airplane we watched the Washington D.C. event by video. Father and Mother watched so carefully and were very happy.

Father feels that the people who come to this event - who ever they are - are the ones chosen to inherit Father's grace and mission to guide America.

Thanks America.

True Parents Love America and are giving incredible love wherever they go.


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