The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Passes The Half Way Mark On The Blessing Of Families - Don't Let Up

Michael Jenkins
October 25, 2004

Dear Family,

Families across this land are working with one heart together for the blessing of the family. Because of your sacrifice and unity with your leaders we made 50% of our goal. Father is pleased but very serious. Every day he asks where we are at. I can feel that Father is deeply serious and has set this condition as the key to protecting and securing America at this crucial time.

Father said that the central purpose of his tour was to set the condition to support the blessing of all families in America.

Our Families are faithfully going door to door and throughout the communities to give the Pre Blessing. This is the same condition that was done at the time of the Israelites leaving Egypt. It sets the condition to bless and strengthen the family of God. All races, all religions and peoples - the gate of blessing is for all humanity.

Father has been giving very deep guidance and Hoon Dok Hae. Father guided Bishop Stallings today that the ACLC clergy must create an incredible revival of this nation to unify religions and strengthen the family. If we are bold and courageous God will be with us. We have nothing to fear. America will come to God's direction if the Blessed Families and the Religious leaders unite and bless the families. We are now in a position to inherit Father's 34 year course of indemnity and tears for the sake of lifting up the Elder Son Nation to a position in which it could be the moral leader of the world. To be the leader that the world needs now a new body of religious leaders must rise up at this time and clarify what is the central issue to God when it comes to America. The central issue is the FAMILY. That is the most serious issue and most fundamental. If we lose the family we lose the nation. That is what happened to ancient Rome. Immorality destroyed the family and the empire collapsed.

We must be totally serious at this time. Please keep your heart and your focus. Please go out beyond all hindrances and make the goal.

Father told us that now is the time when the 34 years of Father's course in America can be indemnified and offered to heaven and we can inherit the total victory of the King and Queen of Peace . We can then extend that victory onto our immediate family and relatives and then through our neighborhood and to every family that opens their hearts to God at this time. Beyond political affiliations, beyond ideologies - to every family the grace and protection of God is now going forth. This will allow God to bequeath his inheritance to us and we will become the leaders that God will use to guide this nation to the Kingdom of God.

Please reach out at this time and realize the opportunity that is before us. Now is the time to bring the great people that God has prepared to come forward and experience World Peace and Unification Through the True Love of God. Now is the time to bring the greatest and best American's forward to receive the Lord of Love.

Please continue to push forward, Father receiving our reports about your sacrifices every day. (Please send your testimony, we will tell about your conditions.

Thanks America.

Rise up as the Elder Son to serve and save all nations.



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