The Words of the Jenkins Family

A Note of Thanks To Our Brother Lewis Gudmundsen For His Work In Israel

Michael Jenkins
October 23, 2004

Dear Family,

The work of the Peace Task Force is on the cutting edge of our work in Israel. They are going from Palestinian (West Bank) communities to Jewish communities, back and forth. They are going into the hearts of the people - Heart to Heart. They weep, they embrace and they bond together. God is with them and they are giving His love wherever they go.

One brother, Mr. Lewis Gudmundsen from New Jersey originally signed up for two weeks. He extended his stay and then extended it until he ended up staying for over one month. I want to say how grateful we are to him and how much he helped the work there. When I arrived he stayed with me through all kinds of experiences and made a tremendous contribution to our work. Because he was there willing to go 24 / 7 I could do much more and visit more leaders.

We drove sometimes without sleep from community to community to embrace, the Jews, the Druze, the Muslims and the Christians. Also, his technical ability was critical. The final proclamation that Dr. Wilson and our Ambassadors for Peace drafted had to be printed in such a short time. He was given a work document and asked to come up with a Poster size Declaration complete with a the picture of our Marches blended in behind it Through sheer determination he fought through every possible obstacle and being the late in the day it was almost impossible. There was no way to print this document on time with the huge color graphics printer required. Through somewhat of a miracle our brothers got it done literally just in time for our European Ambassadors for Peace to sign it during our finale celebration (just before they departed for the Airport).

Where did they find the printer - through friends and connections it was finally printed at the 11th hour at the Jerusalem Post. (who wrote an excellent article praising our 9/11 Prayer and Reconciliation of 41 nations)

Because of Lewis we could do so much for God's providence on the last two pilgrimages. We want to appreciate him and thank him for his sacrifice.

Thanks Lewis.

Thanks New Jersey for your support and prayers for the Peace Task Force.


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