The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Providential Time - America Will Fulfill - This Is Our Faith

Michael Jenkins
October 22, 2004

Dear Family,

This is a most important time for America and for the Providence. America loves True Parents. Yes, there are a few misunderstandings here and there. But the reality is that in all 50 states the "key" people that God has prepared are moving with us and are growing in their trust for True Parents. With a beautiful heart and together with their own families, churches and organizations they are rising up to save this nation and all races and peoples. Rev. Bennit Hayes just testified in Chicago that his whole church has become one with this movement and our True Parents.

People who love all humanity are the ones that God has prepared and they are the ones from all professions that are growing in their heart and commitment for the work of God together with Father and Mother Moon. Those who are inclusive and respectful of all people easily stand with us now. I see it all over America, I see it in all the countries that we have hosted in the Holy Land. Though some may criticize and challenge this work, it is not the work of man - it is the work of God. Therefore leaders and most patriotic and important people of each nation and especially America are coming forward fearlessly to stand with True Parents.

Those that know True Parents love them and trust them. So many important leaders from the Academic, Religious and Civic worlds in America are coming to know the heart of True Parents and the love they have for America. Father will never give up on America. Why - because God himself inspired this nation and built it upon the spirit and sacrifice of Jesus. With love he nurtured this country through trials and tribulations continuing to forge this country in the fires of trial and tribulation. America has been forged and has the depth and the content to respond to heaven because it is a God fearing nation. America, though it has many scars and sad stories in its history has been continuously stretched by God himself to open the door that all races could come to find a home on her soil. Black and White could find the seed of hope in the spirit of this nation because from her heart came the religious leaders who could forgive and love all races and humanity. Religious leaders who could overcome the hatred in parts of our nation and turn it into love. Such transformation would not only transform the hatred in the individual but it would spread throughout the community.

It doesn't start with the community, it starts wth individual men and women of God. When they personally are chosen by God and over come the hatred of the evil still within this world, they can reconcile, not only for themselves but for both the people in heaven and on earth. When Moses did the right thing on the mountain all the people could be blessed. Through the righteousness of one chosen individual a nation can be healed. That's why as you break through one by one the "condition" is set that God can give inspiration to larger and larger circles of people within the Family movement. When Dr. Martine Luther King broke through in his own heart, he could bring breakthroughs in the hearts of thousands. This eventually became a whole nation.

With this heart we are gaining momentum and our brothers and sisters are making amazing achievements going door to door. Many have fulfilled their goals of 1000. Some have amazing testimonies.

This is a note of gratitude and thanks. When we left for Israel - somehow Father trusted Dr. Yang and I to go, even with a most desperate condition before us. To bless two million in two weeks. How serious this moment is. Yet, the Regional Directors without hesitation showed the depth of their heart toward heaven and without hesitation began the work to bring the Blessing Hurricane to life.

We are at about 7 % of our goal. The momentum is picking up but I must say I feel deeply serious. Please pray and ask God sincerely from the heart to guide you and your family at this time.

The meaning of the Holy Wine is profound and the grace coming from our True Parents is now beyond whether people have faith or not. It is not based on their condition but the condition of God to be able to "cover" us with a blanket of grace. Though the Israelites were not all in one accord when the blood of the lamb was placed over their doors in Egypt and though not all believed. It was still the power that protected each family. Those who were covered were protected regardless of their attitude.

Let us protect the people with the "Condition" that is now being offered. The holy wine has power. Its not just juice. Its a beautiful condition that has significant spiritual value. Of course the more we understand the more we will be sure to preserve its value.

Please America. Father has talked about the fact that Abraham was the Father of Faith, Jesus was the Father of Love and the Lord of the second coming is the Lord of Obedience. Therefore we are in the era to show our faith and love through obedience to heavens direction.

I am so grateful for the American blessed families. Father knows that when Dr. Yang and I say we will make the goal we will make it. I'm lacking in so many ways but I do believe in the American blessed families. I could go on for a long time on why. But just for a tangible reason, when America was called to fulfill the Cheon Il Guk Mobilization - what did America do - IT FULFILLED THE GOAL OF 2400. When America was called to bring 500 to the Holy Land - what did America do - IT FULFILLED THE GOAL OF 500 and many more. What did America do when Father gave us the authority to bless 2 million and claim a condition to protect them? AMERICA MADE THE GOAL (This is my confidence - this is my absolute faith in you my brothers and sisters, I will make my goal, I promise. I won't just talk, my wife and I will bless 10,000. Many American's will awaken and rise immediately to the direction from heaven. That's the American spirit - when things are desperate and clear and there is a clear battle between good and evil. America rises up and chooses the path of goodness. Our leaders are united and our hearts are together as one. If your heart is burning light the path for others, if your heart won't light up, just walk this way in prayer and obedience and the fire will start with time. Try it. It works. Its what I've see True Parents do. It is not always inspirational or enjoyable for Father to obey the mandate of heaven. But Father invests and obeys God and always finds joy. Father told us that in these two weeks. TWO WEEKS. With sincere effort and fulfilling the goal we could indemnify the 34 years of suffering he has undergone here.

Let us rise up now America and fulfill two Million. You can do it. Door to Door and throughout the community. The people are awaiting the protection of your prayer and blessing for their family. Let us shed tears for man, sweat for earth and blood for heaven to liberate God, True Parents and all of humanity. The Vice Regional Directors and leaders of our states and related associations are moving with unity to fulfill the condition to save the nation and the world.

Your Brother

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