The Words of the Jenkins Family

Important Memo

Michael Jenkins
October 19, 2004

Dear Leaders and All Blessed Central Families and Members,

True Parents will visit four cities for a special speaking tour. This will begin on October 26th and end on October 30th. It will be a banquet in each city with the top Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC Clergy and other Religious leaders. All key VIPs should be invited. The theme will be forthcoming latter today (Father gave a specific title that we are translating.)


Tuesday, October 26 --------------------------------New York

Thursday, October 28 ------------------------------ Washington D.C.

Friday, October 29 ----------------------------------Chicago

Saturday, October 30 --------------------------------Los Angeles

The venue is a formal banquet with 500 to 1200. Most cities have already committed to 1200. MORE WILL FOLLOW: A letter of invitation, banner and program will be forthcoming.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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