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Bishop Kim In Chicago Blesses 20,000 Today / Literature / Reporting

Michael Jenkins
October 17, 2004

Dear Family,

Bishop Ki Hoon Kim was a special guest at Saviors Day in which 20,000 gathered for the Nation of Islam. Father told Bishop Kim that he believed Chicago could do the two million all by itself !!! Congratulations to Chicago Block.

On our Family Federation Website ( you can now download literature for the "Bless the Family, Save the Nation" Campaign. We will bless two million couples by October 31. Please go to our website and look under the announcements section. You can download from there.

REPORTING: We would like to receive your report everyday. Each Region should report to their Block HQ. The Block HQ should report each regions result by 10 PM EST each night. Please send your reports to

NOTE: I have asked Rev. Jim Flynn to create a simple report form for each region. Also special testimonies should be included. BELOW IS A NOTE FROM REV. SCHANKER AND A COPY OF WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THE WEBSITE. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THESE OUT.

With love and faith,

Thanks America,

Brothers and sisters,

You can download simple literature and materials to assist your efforts for Blessing outreach below. The pamphlet comes in large and small sizes, in Microsoft Word format, one document for the outside and one for the inside They can be printed back-to-back on a color printer (available new for $150) or brought to a copy shop. The business card-sized pledge cards are meant to be printed back-to-back as well."

Love & prayer, Education Department title

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4 Blessing Pamphlet Small- Inside 51.5 KB (MS Word)

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