The Words of the Jenkins Family

Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins to the Holy Land Tonight / Return Thursday

Michael Jenkins
October 17, 2004

Dear Family,

Father expressed today he feels that America has totally united with him and that the spirit of this nation has already changed. He cautioned us however that though the spirit has changed we now must bring total victory. He encouraged us to fulfill our responsibility and then the Elder Son nation can lead the world to peace. How -- through strengthening Families and Faith in God.

As you know the last two days, Father was so serious about the urgent situation for America to stand beyond politics as a nation that God can bless. Therefore the messages that we sent out from Friday night and Saturday should be read carefully. They are very profound and urgent. Religion and people of faith is in Abel's role must guide the nation and world.

I believe that due to the atmosphere at EG this morning and the fact that we absolutely know that we will fulfill the two million goal - Father directed that Dr. Yang and I go to the Holy Land tonight. (The battle for the Peace Kingdom must be fought on many fronts.) Almost 500 Ambassadors for Peace are waiting for us there as the representatives of IIPC from Asia. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh will be going to conduct the Crown of Peace ceremony for Asia and the Holy Land. We leave tonight (Sunday, October 17) and return on Thursday morning (October 21).

Father trusts you America. Father also said something very special -- if we totally commit and give everything during this next two weeks - we will indemnify Father's 34 years of suffering in America and an amazing victory will emerge for America and for the world.

Please American families - give everything during this two weeks and Bless 1000 couples per family.

While we are away - Rev. Jim Flynn will be in charge of this "Bless the Family, Save the Nation two million blessing effort. WE WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH REV. FLYNN EVERY DAY. Rev. Schanker will send you more information on educational materials and leaflets. Rev. Daugherty will be responsible for the Boston / NY block and will lead the ACLC to do a major blessing on October 24 and October 31 in ALL ACLC Churches. Center everything on your Regional Directors - Victory will come.

Thanks America and all Blessed Couples world wide.

Thank you to True Parents for this historic chance.

We will fulfill our responsibility before heaven !!!!



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