The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Anniversary To The 6000 Couples - October 14, 1982

Michael Jenkins
October 15, 2004

Dear Family,

Today is the 22nd Anniversary of the 6000 couple blessing that was held on October 14, 1982. This is also the historic day of Father's liberation from Heung Nam Communist Prison Camp in 1950. It is a day to rejoice !!!

Let's us celebrate that through the sacrifice of our True Parents the blessing of marriage and family has been secured for humanity. These conditions led ultimately to the August 20th Blessing that could give Seok Bang or total liberation. Rev. Kwak recently explained that the meaning of this grace is profound. As a prisoner is released from prison and has paid his debt to society he still carries a record with him concerning his violation. Now, through the August 20th grace and blessing, Father has secured Seok Bang or total liberation in which, from God's viewpoint even the record of the sad history of humanity and that of our tribes and families is no longer carried with us but has been covered or in a sense erased. In other words even the record of our the sad history of the sin of humanity will be forgotten and erased from God's heart.

This is total grace. For this reason we are now having this blessing and Crown of Peace Ceremony in every country and every state of the United States. So that humanity can be covered with grace and a new day will dawn in which the Peace Kingdom shall be revealed.

Glory to God.

Glory to the Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Humanity.

Glory to the Blessed Families who now walk this way representing all faiths, religions, races, cultures and nations.



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