The Words of the Jenkins Family

Jerusalem is the Hope of the World

Michael Jenkins
September 21, 2004

Dear Family,

I have been so deeply immersed in the providence here that I have relied on Mrs. Joy Pople to communicate what is going on.

Please be absolutely confident. God is with us. Israel and Palestine are opening up to the blessing of God. There are many troubles, trials and tribulations, however this is the moment that God has prepared for.

Jerusalem will see peace. True Parents grace of August 20th has changed everything. Yesterday I spent the day with Imam Manasra who signed the Jerusalem Declaration. Today with the Rabbi who signed. Both are one with True Parents.

It is beyond description. Please believe. True Parents are bringing the engrafting process into the True Olive Tree. Once someone receives the Holy Juice (Wine), they are engrafted into the True Olive Tree spoken of in the Bible. They then can receive directly the life elements from God, they receive this without condition once they enter into God's lineage.

This is the time of the Second Coming. All doors are opening now.

Joy's reports record a great deal of detail.

We go to Gaza tomorrow. We will introduce non violent principles and methods to win the liberation of the Muslims, Christians and Jews.

God is with us.

Please be strong and stay in tune with the providence by supporting your local IIFWP/ FFWPU / AFC / CARP / WFWP leaders. Please support the ACLC. Bishop Stallings had enormous impact today on the Rabbi that signed the Jerusalem Declaration.

Through this process we will set the condition to be the representatives of Americas religious and political leaders and become a true Elder Brother which sees the suffering of all the younger brothers.

America has infinite capacity as she aligns with God.

God is great.

God is with you. Please report to God every night. He will then have the condition to work on the results you have established.

Bless your relatives and work to achieve 662 couples.

We miss you here in Jerusalem.

We are so proud of the American Blessed Central Families as well as the world families. Our movement is moving with tremendous speed. America - you made your goal. God will now bless you. America is now making its goals, one by one.

Please believe that whatever God asks you to do - God has prepared in advance for the work. We must walk this path to take the truth of God from the head to the Heart.

My heart cries out for America and through America we cry out for Jerusalem. For Palestinians and Israelis. Both are trusting us. The Native American Indians, the AFC and Ambassadors for Peace, the ACLC Clergy, the NGO and academic and elected officials are transcending boundaries and are now starting to cry out here in the Middle East - Abouna Moon - Father Moon. Father's name is rising from the ashes of history to create a new city that will be a city of God and will be for all his people.

A new day has dawned.

God is with you America,


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