The Words of the Jenkins Family

Peace Ambassadors in the Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
September 7, 2004

Dear Family,

The Pilgrimage is a historic journey of the heart. While the violence rages on both sides (Buses were bombed in Beer Sheva last week and major attacks are going on in the Gaza Strip), our Peace Ambassadors are opening doors in each and every city they go to. From Ramallah to Jerusalem we go back and forth and the doors are opening. Yesterday we went to Jericho where Joshua brought the walls down not with violence but with the unity of God's people. Then latter in the day we went to the Wall that is being erected between Palestine and Israel. We could feel the power of God that is working to remove the need for such walls.

If we heal the hearts of the people, why would we need a wall. Standing before the wall is a serious experience. We feel the hope as we are making so much progress with the Jews, Christians and Muslims that the walls will come down as they did in Jericho. The same God that was in Jericho is now with us in Jerusalem. Also, the same. Rather than twelve tribes uniting it is now the three Abahamic faiths and the 7 former enemy nations. This is a profound and most important time in history. We felt yesterday a special power. We sang with Dr. Ian Hall, Professor of Music at Oxford about Joshua and how the walls came down. If the people of God unite in love we can heal the heart of the pain between Abraham's family and the violence can be transformed. Sheikh Sajid from England is a profound soul who is one of the most prominent Sheikhs (Imams) in Great Britain. He shared with us that if anger is not transformed it is transferred, if hate is not transformed it will be transferred, violence not transformed will be transfered. We must set the condition to transform the hearts of our Jewish and Muslims and Christian brothers and sisters as well as ourselves.

We must go to a new level of heart. The Revolution of Heart in which we feel God's love and the heart to comfort God.

Today, our European Ambassadors went to Nazareth and Father Hatoum and Sheikh Manasra (the Muslim leader who signed the Jerusalem Declaration) addressed our body. All were inspired. To she such a strong and clear Muslim leader speak from the Koran that we must love each other. He spoke from the Koran that says that if you harm someone with even half a sentence that hurts then you will be greatly punished by Allah. He then gave a profound call to support Father Moon who he said God sent.

The main newspaper in Nazareth has had three stories on us. One was on our Heart to Heart March last month. Then Lord Ahmed's visit as an Ambassador For Peace and today a full page article will come out. The impact in the cities and villages of Israel is now gaining moment.

Also, several Jewish organizations are beginning to trust us. On Sunday morning we will have a prayer of repentance at Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum). This is being advised and guided by our Rabbis here. Already people are talking about it. It is a very serious. We are going through an education recommended by the Rabbis to understand the roots of the Holocaust

We are going to have "Culture of Peace" Evening at the "Lincoln Center" of Israel. Based on the blessing of having an Ambassador for Peace like Dr. Ian Hall - (Oxford Professor of Music - Conductor of BBC Orchestra and many more world class events) we are going to have a night emphasizing a "Culture of Peace" through the performing arts. We will have reconciliation there on a new foundation. This is being guided by Mr. David Eaton and Dr. Ian Hall. This has opened up an incredible new relationship with the Jewish community.

The Women's Federation for World Peace of Israel is working with their European and American counterparts to bring a new level of impact to the powerful experience of the Bridge of Peace. This time it is going to be done overlooking the city from the Promenade, which is a breathtaking view of the Dome of the Rock and the whole city of Jerusalem. We are praying seriously that the most important Jewish and Palestinian women will cross the bridge together. Please pray that the Mother's heart will have huge impact to heal the family of Abraham.

This is the Power of God unfolding and the work of the Peace Kingdom. Incredible sacrifices are being made but when we see the suffering of the Jewish and Palestinian families here and the immense tension that lives in an environment of uncertainty and fear - our sacrifice is nothing. Yet through our sacrifice hope is filling the hearts of the people. Father Hatum shared today (in a beautiful form of English with an Arabic accept) - Father Moon is "doing the Peace" others are "talking". Father Moon is Doing". Because he is doing it we (the people of the Holy Land) are all feeling pushed to sacrifice ourselves to push Peace forward.

Father Hatum shared with us that he had a dream during the December Pilgrimage - at 2 in the morning he had a dream of Rev. Moon appearing to him and saying - " How can you sleep when all these people are here from many countries trying to help you achieve peace." Suddenly he woke up. He couldn't sleep. He was deeply moved. He drove 2 and one Half hours to Jerusalem and made it for the 5 am prayer. He came with such an inspiration and confidence. Father Moon "Does the Peace".

God is working, 530 are now committed to come to the Holy Land.

We will march to the Wall, and to the Golan Heights and to the Jordan, Jericho and Jerusalem. We will march with love and peace in our hearts knowing that this is the hour of the revealing of the Day of the Coming of the Lord !!!

Thanks America.



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