The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Miracle of the Peace UN (IIPC) and the Power of Prayer

Michael Jenkins
September 4, 2004

Dear Family,

We have been visiting key members of the Knesset, Rabbis and Imams here in the Holy Land with our Peace Ambassadors. One key Peace Ambassador invited us to the Red Cross station in Jerusalem where many Muslim women were praying for their husbands and sons who had initiated a hunger strike in the prison. Some had begun fasting among the women and their sons.

Peace Ambassador Mr. Walid Sadiq, the former Minister of Agriculture for the State of Israel and Knesset Member could not hold back the tears as he saw the Women cry and plead for some kind of help to allow their sons and husbands to live and not have to die. These women were in deep despair and pain. The hunger strike started throughout the prison system for better conditions of health according to Internationally agreed upon standards.

Lord Ahmed, a member of the British Parliament House of Lords, encouraged the women saying, "I appreciate that we cannot really share your pain as mothers and wives of these men, but we will try our utmost to convey your suffering situation to others when I return home. What we've seen today we will tell to the world. We pray to Allah for the release of each and every one of your family members."

Then I was asked to speak, "Father Moon asked us to come here from many countries to work for Peace. Today we come to bring you comfort to you and encourage you. The world is now engaging in the process to bring peace for all people in the Middle East.

We came here to pray with you and to share with you that Allah is the source of our hope and it is Allah who has the power to break the chains and end the suffering.

Allah is our hope, if we do right by his Will HE will bless us. Prayer and fasting brings spiritual power to change peoples hearts. Let us pray for those fasting and pray that their fast will be with gratitude to Allah and that the Will of God will be done. Allah is Great !!! Allah is Great !!! Allah is Great !!!"

Then our Peace Ambassadors went and prayed with the young people that were fasting in the tents at the side of the Red Cross building in East Jerusalem

We went on through the next day with Lord Ahmed to many key meetings. Then at dinner time a message came from one Palestinian Ambassador for Peace. He said, "The word is spreading that the prayers of your group has power - the day after your visit and prayers - the key requests of the hunger strikers was met - many ended the strike today - your prayers have power !!!"

Hurry - come and experience that incredible manifestation of the power that God has given us to heal humanity and bring peace to the Holy Land.



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