The Words of the Jenkins Family

Providential History is Moving in Jerusalem - the City of Peace

Michael Jenkins
September 4, 2004

Dear Family,

Here are Father's words from January 27th 2004. It gives us the understanding of our efforts at this time to build the "Peace Kingdom"

This is why we will work until peace is realized in the Holy Land. Our efforts are gaining ground as Ambassadors for Peace - religious leaders, members of parliament and leaders in faith come to the Holy Land from all continents and all nations. Now 40 countries representing Europe and the former Soviet Republics are here serving and building bridges between Christian, Muslims and Jews.

The testimonies this morning were very profound. The European leaders feel that since civilization began in the Middle East, to make a "new" world and new beginning for mankind we all must return to the Middle East and connect with the religious roots of the three Abrahamic faiths. As we walk through the streets of the Old City and stand at the Gate where Zachariah the prophet once cried out to the Children of Israel, we are transformed. When we pray in the upper room where the "120" gathered we are transformed. When we walk where Jesus walked in Nazareth and Galilee we are transformed. When we touch the rock upon which the Prophet Muhammad stood (PBUH) - we are transformed. When you walk in Jerusalem you connect with the spirit and people of the "Book". You connect with the religious root of human history and the central root of God's dispensation for restoration.

Now incredibly strong religious leaders of the ACLC, American Indians and Ambassadors for Peace from all professions are coming to the Holy Land - to connect our nations history and that of our ancestors to make a new beginning of the World. Ishmael and Isaac are coming together. The Peace Kingdom is expanding as we bring the heavenly message and blessing of marriage to all humanity. Through the Blessing of Marriage and the extension of grace from the August 20th Blessing all past debt of every nation and every people can now be forgiven. Now the religious leaders of all the world are receiving God's blessing from our True Parents and are now standing as "True Parents" to give the blessing to the Believers of all faiths. This Interreligious body of people of faith can then, with love for all people who as Blessed couples and families are equal before the Lord can work to reconcile and dissolve all enmity and hatred. We are building the Peace Kingdom which will establish True Life , True Love and True Lineage. God is on the Throne and we are all now receiving our Crown of Glory. To God be the Glory.

Rise up now, from every community and every city and hamlet, from every state and from every nation and connect your lineage and your history with this historic moment in eternity - the moment that peace will come in the Holy Land. God is with us and his love and light guides us. Muslims, Christians and Jews who truly know the Lord are becoming one in Word and Deed and realizing the dream of God - that the age of the Messiah would dawn and all tears would be wiped away from every eye. This is the age of the Kingdom of God.

" This is the reason why I have been conducting the Marriage Blessing providence throughout the past several decades. Humankind, who had inherited false life, false love and false lineage due to the fall of the first human ancestors, had no choice but to live this false kind of life. Thus my wife and I began our God-given mission as the True Parents.

Throughout our lives we have walked a lonely path to carry out this heavenly decree to eliminate Satan, the devil, through the Marriage Blessing providence and, as the True Parents, to bequeath true life, true love, and the true lineage to humanity. We knew that God could not do anything about the false blood lineage because it had been planted by the false parents. Upon this victorious foundation of having fulfilled all the necessary indemnity conditions, my wife and I stand as the True Parents.

We have been multiplying the true blood lineage by separating humanity from the blood lineage of the false olive tree and engrafting them to the true olive tree. A false olive tree will always remain as a false olive tree, even if a thousand years pass; only by engrafting to the true olive tree can the lineage be changed. Ladies and Gentlemen! The bright age of heaven is upon us now. Please accept my message with hope. The marriage Blessing history began with just three couples in the 1960s has now reached 400 million couples around the world. Furthermore, there are billions of blessed couples living in the spirit world.

The field of the true olive tree has now overwhelmed the field of the wild olive trees. All these blessed families are united in the life of living for the sake of others.' The life of the true olive trees, through the true blood lineage, is now spreading like wild fire throughout the entire world. In this way God's Fatherland and Peace Kingdom, a nation of joy and happiness, a nation of freedom and equality with no walls or national borders will be realized on this earth.

For this purpose I founded the Peace United Nations' in New York, U.S.A. on October 3rd 2003. In doing God's providence, this Peace United Nations' is developing initiatives of a revolutionary dimension that will rock heaven and earth. By educating each and every one of the six billion people on this earth, and giving them the marriage Blessing, we are building God's fatherland, our fatherland, where the entire globe becomes our home, my home Our goal is already set. The flag of the Peace United Nation is already waving high. The battle cry of victory is erupting across the world. Victories are won in America, Europe, Jerusalem, Palestine, Japan and Korea. Nothing is impossible with God and the numerous martyrs, patriots, saints and sages in spirit world running with us at our side.

They say, "blessed are those who have faith." On this meaningful day, I would like to ask you all to engrave this message in the deep center of your heart. I pray that you all join in the grace of the Marriage Blessing and create a great revolution of lineage. I dearly hope that you will all become the brave soldiers of heaven, courageously standing on the front line of God s providence in order to build God's fatherland on this earth, so that the Peace Kingdom can prosper for all eternity." God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom - Speech at Chamshil Gymnasioum, Seoul

Sun Myung Moon
January 27, 2004
Special Remarks
Chamshil Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea

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