The Words of the Jenkins Family

Greetings From Jerusalem - Prayer At The Garden Of Gethsemane

Michael Jenkins
September 3, 2004

Dear Family,

The power and authority to bring peace since the August 20th Blessing and Crown of Peace for our True Parents is clearly visible in the Holy Land. I m so grateful to have returned. It's deeply connected with our journey to our homeland and our path to heaven. We are all rooted in Jerusalem because so much of God's heart - his hope and his suffering and history are connected to this land and its peoples. My beloved brothers and sisters, so many are sacrificing now to come to the Holy Land. I want to testify to you that the impact we are having now is growing. We are reaching the very top of all sides. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. You are investing in the Kingdom of God.

A beautiful and great Ambassador for Peace, Lord Ahmed of the British Parliament spent a few days with us meeting top Israeli and Palestinian religious and political leaders. His impact was great. His testimony of the power of the Ambassadors for Peace and the work to reconcile the people is filling a void that is not being touched by anyone else. Lord Ahmed is an example of the effectiveness of the IIPC (the Peace UN). Many scoffed when Father Moon said that the key to peace was in the Interreligious Council of wise men and women of faith who could help bring the spiritual foundation for peace - love for all faiths and sacrifice for the benefit of others. Lord Ahmed took it upon his shoulders to form the Interreligious Council of England. Through his visit I could see the impact that his having related with the Interreligious council as the first Muslim member of the House of Lords. He was courageous here and yet very loving. He met the Israeli officials with a loving heart and yet challenged them to go beyond the past and progress into a new understanding of their Arab brothers and sisters. He spoke against violence and the use of the Koran to support violence. He emphatically stated that a true understanding of the Koran does not justify killing and violence. From Nazareth, to the West Bank to the Grand Mufti to the Anglican Bishop - meetings were held in every corner. Lord Ahmed was truly blessed by God to bring profound awareness to both sides here that Father Moon is truly committed to connect the world to the peace process here - every country and every race, people and culture. - Why? Because the outcome of the increasing tensions between Muslims, Christians and Jews can either be resolved in love and harmony or end in a global war. This is Father Moon's prediction. Therefore our calling is quite serious and urgent. We must not let a global war emerge through the breakdown of relations.

All the politicians, scholars and religious leaders agree - if the solution comes here in the Holy Land - it will be the basis for the dissolution of tension everywhere between Muslims, Christians and Jews. The key is right here in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Father Moon has sent us here to the land that is Holy and yet deeply struggling with hate and violence - and yet because of the enormous suffering God is every present. Israel, Palestine, America, Europe are all tied together here. Certainly we can see that America plays and enormously important role here. The Jews must be secure and the rights of the Palestinians must be achieved and secured. America is the Elder Son or even better the "Elder Brother" in the sense of its role Should it not help its younger brothers to achieve peace?

That's why we are here. America has a special spirit and founding principles that allows it to have the potential welcome all religions, races and peoples. That's why Dr. Martin Luther King could make a difference. His faith in God and his understanding that "truths" that were self evident" that all men are equal was deeply planted in the soul of America. When the "soul" and its core truth is revived the True America emerges. That's why religious leaders speaking the truth can awaken the soul of America and bring that spirit and "soul" to the world. That's why Father Moon has sent thousands of Peace Ambassadors to the Holy Land and asked Dr. Yang and the American movement to coordinate and oversee this dispensation. The nations of the world are coming together and giving all to come to the Holy Land. Never before in our history has Father Moon requested that every nation come to work in one place. This is the first time - why because the Peace UN is real that the Ambassadors for Peace from Latin America, Oceania and Africa, Europe and Asia have a collective spiritual power that can melt the walls and barriers. The IIPC has the same basic principles of the True America that Dr. King called upon. There is one God and he is the source of peace and justice. All men and women are equal - regardless of race, creed or color. That marriage and family are sacred. The IIPC is planting the self evident truths in the Holy land so that the absolute respect for the innate value of humanity can and will be understood. On that fundamental ground and understanding that we are all from the same God and we are his children can we come to understand that we must truly love and respect Moses, Jesus and Muhammad - Peace Be Upon them ALL. This is real. This fundamental understanding means that we have no barriers or superiority - the one who serves the most should lead the way. That's why Father Moon takes the lead - he puts every ounce of his heart, his family, his movement and his resources on the line to serve and save others.

That's why everyone without exception should find a way to come to the Holy Land during this historic and final showdown with evil. The scripture says "We fight not against flesh and blood, but against ... spiritual wickedness in high places." The root of evil is in the spirit - therefore the root of resolution is in the spirit and must be resolved in the heart. That's why the Ambassadors for Peace come "armed" with the Truth that is consistent between the Koran, Bible and Torah. They come armed with Universal truths of the value and dignity of all humanity and the precious roll of faith in relation to achieving peaceful societies in cooperation with the political leaders. Faith is the power to turn a mountain of despair into garden of hope. Faith in "action" is transforming the Holy Land.

Ambassadors for Peace are streaming in from Europe and they are coming on faith. Europe is on fire with the spirit of God. They are sending 580 !!!! America is the same - we are about to cross the 500 goal today.

At the Holy Ground at Gethsemane our Ambassadors for Peace were moved. We stood together around the Olive Tree in the area of the Garden where Jesus prayed. In 1965 Father created 120 Holy Grounds throughout the world. In Gethsemane he offered a special prayer and condition. He placed three nails in the Olive Tree symbolizing Judaism, Islam and Christianity. (The nails are still there !!!) He prayed for the unity of these three faiths and the healing of humanity.

Now 40 years latter that prayer has become a reality. Our Ambassadors for Peace representing the three faiths are praying together at Gethsemane. Then the Imam from London and a prominent Christian leader from Great Britain who is from Oxford gave a most beautiful prayer at the Garden. A Jewish representative prayed. The Ambassadors for Peace were deeply moved at Gethsemane. This is the place of prayer and total sacrifice in which Jesus made his final covenant with God. Now we are making our covenant with with God. We are seeking to make our total and complete determination to overcome the barriers that have divided humanity for all time and heal humanity through the Blessing and True Love. Our prayer today really opened the door for the spirit of God to guide us to victory in the Holy Land.

We are doing it. It is a reality.

We then held our luncheon program at the 7 Arches Hotel and Dr. Eliezar Glaubach came and addressed the European Ambassadors for Peace who are representing 40 countries. Dr. Glaubach said, "You have come home, you are not just visitors - because you came as Peace Ambassadors and you believe and are sacrificing yourselves to bring peace. You are moving the Holy Land Rev. Moon and the IIFWP are moving the City of Peace - Jerusalem. Many cannot see it yet. But I see it clearly. This is the most spiritual city in the world. The Abrahamic faiths are rooted here. Therefore Peace cannot come from Political efforts alone - but ONLY when combined with the spiritual efforts to love and overcome the barriers. You are on a Pilgrimage but many of you do not know what impact you are having. But I see it, because I live here. Since the Pilgrimages began everything has changed. Before, everything was stuck and there was no hope and no progress However, now I see that everything is moving. The unthinkable aspects and hopes for peace are now actually materializing before our eyes. Why - because you are coming with a spiritual perspective that truly respects and uplifts the fact that the three Abrahamic faiths are from the same God and that we can be one family. That's why today I want to welcome you as my family. My European family of many races and faiths. You have come to bring us the hope and the energy we need. You are giving the Ambassadors for Peace in Israel the power to change the situation. Welcome home - you are here and you are part of the Family of Jerusalem. !!!"

Mr. Baruch Shalev, another fine Jewish Ambassador for Peace, talked about the Service for Peace project he just worked with. Palestinian young people worked side by side with Jewish young people and the Palestinian youth slept overnight in the homes of what would be considered a "right wing" neighborhood. It was amazing. We are Ambassadors for Peace and I'm so grateful to Rev. Moon for bringing the Pilgrimages here. You are bringing us so much energy and hope. Each time you come (every 2 weeks) with 500 more members of parliament, religious leaders, professors and Family Federation members - you give us incredible energy that we never had before. It is getting stronger and stronger. We can see peace just in front of our eyes. The walls and barriers are coming down. Thanks to our Ambassadors for Peace. You are succeeding in the center and the crossroads of history."

With Love and Prayer for you and your nation and especially for the Holy Land.


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