The Words of the Jenkins Family

Native American Indian Leaders

Michael Jenkins
August 31, 2004

Dear Family,

Our movement of peace and reconciliation has sparked interest among some Native American Indian Leaders. In the past it was quite interesting to see the way in which the Native American's opened the hearts of Palestinian people. It was clear and without question among Jewish people and Palestinian that the story of the American Indian is one of great suffering and addresses the suffering of both communities.

We would like American's to step up who feel called to make some "condition" to rectify and help restore what Father Moon has identified repeatedly - the mistreatment of the Indian People in the history of America.

How, sponsor one or more Indian Leaders - (you can go with them if you like) to come to the Holy Land and meet key leaders with us (both Palestinian and Jewish).

The Indian Leaders such as Jewell Praying Wolf has an incredible heart of reconciliation. Jewell is proposing the idea of making a "Healing Totem Pole" and erecting it in the Holy Land.

Please send your pledge to sponsor Indian Leaders - It's $1600 for one week or $2000 for two weeks.

We currently have 7 leaders ready to go with us. Upon their return they are planning to join the opening ceremony for the Native American Museum that is opening in Washington D.C.

Please set this condition for restitution and reconciliation.

Thanks America.


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