The Words of the Jenkins Family

Will America Rise To The Challenge???

Michael Jenkins
August 31, 2004

Dear Family,

We need 80 more leaders, Ambassadors for Peace, Clergy and Family Federation leaders to come to the Holy Land. We are at 420 now.

I sincerely ask you to recognize and understand Father's seriousness and call at this time.

I believe, that we will rise to the challenge. If we understand. Today, sadly another bombing occurred in the Holy Land, innocent life was lost and the people of all sides were again traumatized. Every week Jewish people die along with innocent Palestinians. Every week without exception there is the loss of God's people in the most sensitive area on earth.

Father believes that the Blessed Central Families have the spirit and the power to change this environment and atmosphere. Our Ambassadors for Peace are meeting and developing relations with the highest levels on both sides. Especially with the Religious leaders.

Father's direction is that every continent MUST send 500 and America must be the center of this important dispensation.

The only way we can take the central role is to fulfill our responsibility. Please brothers and sisters, get on the phone and call other members and give them a "sense" of the urgency.

Father has said that this effort will set the condition to determine the direction that America will take in November. We have to represent the "spirit" of America in the Middle East and do what the UN and the US cannot do officially - that is bring true reconciliation, understanding and healing to the Middle East.

This is crucial and most serious at this time. Please sacrifice yourself at this time. Many members - about 70 signed up in the last few days. Many sponsored others to go. Please sacrifice and sponsor other Ambassadors for Peace or send at least one member of your family.

This is not a tour. This is a serious effort of the "Peace UN" the IIPC and the American Elder Son Nation. This is the mission that requires the greatness America to shine. America is a nation that respects and defends that rights of all people, Muslims, Christians and Jews - all faiths and races. Though we have our shortcomings -when the real "spirit" of America shines forth races can be reconciled and huge and most serious providential moments can be fulfilled.

Only America can fulfill what America must do. This is our time.

Please call your brothers and sisters and ask them to represent America in the Holy Land. All who wish to go to Gaza please email me directly.

We are also expanding our efforts through programs in the Jewish Settlements in the West Bank. The Love of God is flowing through you. You have the power and authority to take the enmity out of the hearts of all people and replace that pain, enmity and suffering with True Love.

You can do it.

Thanks America.


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